Travel Theme: Belonging

One of these things is not like the others . . . yet it belongs!

A bunch of Royal Terns, and one Black Skimmer

A bunch of Royal Terns, and one Black Skimmer, weather the cold January wind.

Ailsa’s travel theme this week is “Belonging“.    I think I belong on a beach, preferably a warm and sunny one.   Wish that the white stuff I see covering the earth was sand and not snow.

7 responses to “Travel Theme: Belonging

  1. That is excellent! The black skimmer just blends right in.

  2. Excellent photo! As for belonging, I’m afraid I’ve been brainwashed all these decades. I belong to the Great White North. 😉

    • LOL! It’s snowed here last week, so I’ve had my quota for this season. We had snow here in late April — very unusual for us. I left home during that April storm for a planned trip to Switzerland. It was not only warmer, but there was much less snow! I wasn’t quite ready for it so soon, even though it’s only about a week earlier than our first snow last winter. That said, a few years ago I photographed gulls & terns on that same Florida beach — in snow flurries and freezing rain!

  3. I like the white stuff on the sand at the beach. Hope to see some of that in Maine at New Year’s.

    • Although I’ve seen snow flurries on a beach, I’ve never seen a beach covered with snow. I’m not sure that I would want to go to Maine in the wintertime! I hope to be looking at sand — sans snow — at New Years.

  4. The white stuff is just too early for us, isn’t it? I love it, in January.

    • Last week’s storm was more than enough for me. I love it in January too — as long as I’m looking at reports of it in the local paper but am far away from it! I’m not one of those people who rush to the store for eggs, milk, bread (does everybody eat French Toast or something?) when a snowstorm threatens, but I don’t go out much when it happens. The item most missed from my pantry when we were snowed in for a few days last January was garlic! My sister said that she would drive by & leave a head of garlic in my mailbox, but I told her that I wasn’t even going to walk to the street to retrieve it!