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Summer’s Gone, But Not Forgotten- Weekly Photo Challenge

Summer may be gone, but a few flowers in the vase always brightens a gray winter’s day.

Taken with an iPhone5 using app Bracket Mode, combined in PRO HDR, then manipulated in Snapseed, RePix, Artista Oil, and Image Blender.

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: this week’s theme is Gone But Not Forgotten. Check out other entries here.

If you see something red, shoot it

It’s even better, if there’s an interesting sky.


Red Barn With Sky

Rural Putnam County, Indiana, on an ordinary October day.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art

I’m a bit obsessed with doors as well as with peeling paint, so I couldn’t pass up this shot when I stumbled upon it.   When I took this shot, at an abandoned set of barns in the middle of countryside, somewhere between Cornfield Central and Picturesque Covered Bridges, where there was only the sound of the wind and a barking dog in the distance, I thought it seemed like a perfect setting for a mystery novel.   And, since my imagination can easily take me on journeys, once I thought of that, I wasn’t about to step through that open door — just in case I might have stumbled upon where bodies were buried!

This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is Cover Art.  My imaginary mystery novel, to go along with this image, is titled  Hidden Country.

2014-10-18 22.58.58


This was shot with an iPhone5 using BracketMode.  Images were compiled with PRO HDR X and processed in SnapSeed.

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Lost … and Found

For years, I was able to find things in stacks in my office by estimating the life of the pile.   Needed something from last March?   No problem.   March was about …. right there!    I was always close.

The same with my photographs.  There was a time when I thought that I would remember every photograph that I took.  And, I was certain, that I would remember when I took it so that if I needed to retrieve it, I could easily.

So, when I went to find a particular photograph — a closeup shot of a milkweed seed — for a forum I participate in, I wondered when I took it.  I knew it had to be fall because that is when milkweed pods burst.  But I couldn’t remember what year it was.  2013? 2012?  2011?

I didn’t start using Lightroom until Spring of 2013.  Previously, I didn’t tag and only rarely named the files with anything other than the automatic IMG_xxxx assigned in camera.

After several hours of searching, over the course of two days, I finally located the shot that I wanted, although I only found an edited jpg, not the original raw file.  And, to my surprise, it appears that I took it when on a road trip, not along the creek near my house as I had originally thought.

Seed pod

Milkweed Seed

Lesson learned?  I’m glad that I now catalog and tag my photos.   LR is such a powerful tool; I’m not sure how I found anything before.   One of these days, I’ll need to go through all of my pre-LR  photos, import and tag them.   Otherwise, they are not much different from the boxes of photographs and negatives  I’ve accumulated over the years.  Looking through them may bring back memories, but it’s time-consuming and too difficult to find what you want.

Here’s a shot of some things I found on my walk today.   It’s cooler than normal; fall is definitely in the air.  I’m hoping that I don’t regret not covering my porch plants this evening.   I’m sure they’re thinking “What the heck?  This cold already?”


Dr Suess -like acorns

Wabi-Sabi Roses

In the setting sun….


Wabi-Sabi Roses

Almost perfect … makes perfect.

This photo was textured using “Rainy Days”, a texture by Kim Klassen.  Linking with Kim’s   Texture Tuesday.  Kim has a new site — and it is beautiful.   You should stop by for a visit.

Weekly Photo Challenge: ZigZag

Stairway to Art:


Taken at Museum of Modern Art, New York City

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is ZigZag.


Travel Theme: Metal

Two stainless steel abstracts for Ailsa’s Weekly Travel Theme.   Didn’t travel too far for these; waterdrops in a messy sink, captured with my iPhone and edited in LR & PS.

stainless droplet

Travel Theme: Misty

Ailsa’s theme this week is “Misty”.   Yesterday was a perfect day for shooting “misty” photos:  cold, grey, rainy.   I went for a long walk in the sometimes drizzle and took lots of photos.  But the best one for “misty” was one I captured in my driveway when I returned home.

Misty, Reflection, Travel Theme


The old saying is “April Showers bring May flowers”.  I certainly hope so — and that we don’t have to wait until May — because it has been a long, grey winter and we need some blooming color. I’ve found myself recently humming a song from the musical Mame with a slight rewriting of the lyrics:  “We need a little Springtime. Right this very minute. We need a little Springtime now!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

Can’t see the forest for the trees?  Change your perspective.

It all depends on how you look at it.

It all depends on how you look at it.

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Ridges and Light