Summer’s Gone, But Not Forgotten- Weekly Photo Challenge

Summer may be gone, but a few flowers in the vase always brightens a gray winter’s day.

Taken with an iPhone5 using app Bracket Mode, combined in PRO HDR, then manipulated in Snapseed, RePix, Artista Oil, and Image Blender.

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: this week’s theme is Gone But Not Forgotten. Check out other entries here.

4 responses to “Summer’s Gone, But Not Forgotten- Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. We’re expecting summer in a three weeks. This week is winter, next week is spring.

  2. Oh, it was just not long enough Anne! Lovely processing on the flowers. Wishing you a nice week!! The squash hasn’t been baked yet. 🙂

  3. Well, it’s gone from here temporarily, but I do not despair! Not only will it be back … eventually … but I spend much time seeking the sun in warmer climates when it gets really cold & really snowy here!

    Thanks for stopping by & commenting.

  4. Thanks for putting up with winter, summer isn’t really gone, it is just here with us for a bit 🙂