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Fibonacci and String(s) Theory? Weekly Photo Challenge – Geometry

I am fascinated by geometric shapes in nature:

Spiral and String Theory:  Whelk Egg Case and Seaweed

I found this Lightening Whelk Egg Case on a South Florida beach last January, following a strong storm. Egg cases of this size are not typically found ashore as the whelk anchors them  in deep water using the smaller end of the chain. While I don’t know if the egg case has a Fibonacci pattern, the lightening whelk’s shell does.

Here the egg case is twisted into a shape. The egg case spirals upon itself if you hold it by one end. I think it resembles a snake.  When I first found this, I didn’t know if it was animal, vegetable or mineral!  Each link in the spiral can hold up to 150 eggs.  As they hatch, the whelks will eat their weaker siblings, then eat their way out of the case.  Albumin and eggs were visible in some of the links, although they are not viable once loosened from their anchors.

Lightening Whelk Egg Case

This is for this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. This week’s topic is Geometry. Be sure to check out what other bloggers have posted for this challenge.