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Weekly Travel Theme: Ripples

Ailsa’s theme last Friday (I’m getting this in just in time before the NEXT theme is announced tomorrow – whew!) was RIPPLES.

I immediately thought of this picture, taken on a Florida beach many months ago and likely posted here previously:


As I was looking for the above photo, I found a few others that fit the theme as well:




I love watching water ripple. I had to stop before I displayed a large portion of my photo catalog in this post!

Well, OK. One more:



Water is beautiful. I find it calming to be near water, whether it is a creek, a river, or an ocean.

Water is a necessary resource but many people around the world don’t have ready access to a clean supply of water for daily health and hygiene. Enjoy the tranquil water photos below, but be sure to learn more about the issue of water security around the globe. Check out this site, Water Day, or this one on the UN World Water Day.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

Recently, I’ve been captivated by reflections, whether it is an actual reflection in a pool of water. the way the light shimmers reflectively through a window, or a more metaphoric reflection, one of reflecting on life and the world around me.

Here is my entry for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge, an unusual view of a bridge, with an unusual reflection as well.

Unusual View: Under the Bridge