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Just Playing

I’ll admit it:  I’m easily distracted by bright shiny objects.  Sometimes they aren’t even bright.  Or shiny.

While looking for something else on my laptop this afternoon, I accidentally clicked on the Photo Booth application and immediately triggered a photo.   How I managed to both open and take a shot with one fat-fingered fumble, I couldn’t say.  I’ve rarely used the Photo Booth and this laptop is the first one I’ve had in a long time where I didn’t have tape over the built-in camera, a habit I acquired from too many video conference calls where it was all too obvious, sans tape, what sorts of multi-tasking one was doing.  I didn’t want to look at my colleagues across the land eating lunch, rolling their eyes, playing videos, and blowing their noses either.

Soon, instead of continuing on my lost-file quest, I was heads-down, trying to take a decent selfie.  Since there is no such thing — is there for anybody? — I began playing with different effects and angles.   My temporary distraction quickly turned into narcissistic amusement. But it was fun!  It was playful.  Play is the theme of this week’s Travel Theme.  

The only one with a bright shiny object (the fridge on the left).  Taken some time ago, apparently, from the glasses I was wearing.

The only one with a bright shiny object (the fridge on the left). 

I blurred the background using the Distort -> Glass filter in PS Elements.   You really didn’t want to see the dirty mop in the background.   The Glass filter, however, did render my hair rather Medusa-like.  

I like this one because my tripod is in the background.  Nearby, but out of the shot, is a table and shelf with my various lenses, filters, and other photo gear. If I had planned it, I would have had the camera on the tripod.  


Tripod Present, Camera Missing

This is probably my favorite of the bunch.  I swear I wasn’t trying to channel Wicked.  Photo Booth calls this effect “Thermal Camera”.  Not sure what that says about my complexion.  

Better complexion than Margaret Hamilton.

Better complexion than Margaret Hamilton.

This is the same shot, in B&W.  

B & W

B & W

I like this one — except for the splotches that look like impetigo.  My current eyeglasses are close to the color in this pic, but nothing else comes close.  I think my hair really was that color once.   I have no explanation for the flowery vines on my nose.

True colors?  Odd colors.

True colors? Odd colors.

Since I avoided my ski-slope nose and eliminating or disguised my multiple chins in most of these pics, I thought I should try one that showed all of my face.   Got it.  But the hair weirdly blended into the background.  I like how I transformed this image, but I don’t like how dopey I look —  like a picture on the cover of a 1950’s era Health book.  I guess that is better than  looking like the green Orion slave girl in Star Trek.

Dreamy.  Dopey.

Dreamy. Dopey.

“A child who does not play is not a child, but the man who does not play has lost forever the child who lived in him.” – Pablo Neruda 

While the aim of Ailsa’s challenge this week may have anticipated photos of people playing, I’m choosing to display the results of my play.   

What did you do today for fun?  Did you make your work into play?

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