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Across the Bay (Travel Theme: Distance)

Stars on the Water - Across the Bay

Stars on the Water – Across the Bay

Ailsa’s Travel theme this week is “Distance”.  I immediately thought of the many shots I have taken across water.   When I scrolled through my archives, this was not the shot that I thought I would post, but I really like it despite the fact that it isn’t a very good photo.   No wonder it is grainy:  I took this from a moving vehicle!   Don’t worry though:  I wasn’t the driver!

I did not like driving across the Pensacola Bay Bridge, as we went out to Santa Rosa Island for dinner.   The bridge seemed to go on forever, although it is only about 3 miles.   So, after enjoying a nice meal with my son with whom I was visiting, I made him take the wheel on the return trip.  Besides avoiding the driving, that allowed me to snap a few photos.  By the time we crossed to the mainland, the sun had already set but a deep red glow hung on the horizon.  The deep blue of the sky was quickly fading.  It was one of those autumn nights where the sky would not remain blue as the light faded; it would immediately turn black as the last rosy glow vanished and the waves below the bridge would become an inky black.

As the sun sets across the bay and the enormous cranes of the shipyards and docks are lit up in the distance, a rather ugly, industrial coastline is transformed into beautiful, glimmering lights.

I will likely be back in Pensacola one more time before my son is transferred to his next base.  Perhaps, if the weather, light, and the timing of our itinerary are in our favor, I will walk out on the pedestrian walkway of the bridge to take a few shots the way sunset shots should be taken:  on a tripod, not handheld through a car window at 60 mph!  It won’t be quite the same perspective as the walkway does not extend that far out into the bay, but it will still provide a panoramic view of the coastline — the city, other bridges, waterfront warehouse, boats in the distance.