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Sunday Quote, 2013, Week 32

How cunningly nature hides every wrinkle of her inconceivable antiquity under roses and violets and morning dew! 
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

roses, emerson, art

A lovely rose from a lovely friend’s garden

Frosted Flowers




I shot this photo last Friday when it was very cold and icy.  I didn’t realize until I opened it in the editor that I managed to capture a rainbow-like glare along the edge of the vase.  I love refracted light!

I’m surprised that the flowers are still intact today as they were outside for the shoot so I could take advantage of the natural light and an icy background. A day early, but this is my contribution to Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday.  The theme:  “Dreamy”.  I used two of Kim’s textures:  1402 & 1402magic, along with some gradient and solid color fills in PS Elements 8.  If you’d like to see how I processed this image, you can find my  full “recipe” here.

I’m glad that February is almost over!  It’s always my least favorite month which makes it seem the longest rather than the shortest.

Not what I had planned to do today …

But when you’re walking through a room and notice how lovely a dying flower — the bouquet that should have made it to the trash last night — looks, you have to grab your camera.   And then, of course, there is post processing.

Flower in Window

Flower in Window

Textures: one of my own (based on a blurry shot of the woods taken through the window), and French Kiss’  Purple Prose (once over entire image, removed from flower; once for the frame).

I think this looks like an iris, but it was actually a tulip, about to drop its last petals.  The backlighting gave it an eery purple hue.  Never know where inspiration will come from!

Texture Tuesday

I followed on link today on Naomi Wittlen’s lovely blog, Poetic Aperture.   The link referenced the source of the texture used in a photograph she posted.  That link lead me to Kim Klassen’s Cafe, where I spent far more time than I had to spend today.    Kim creates lovely textures for use in Photoshop.   She also sponsors a “Texture Tuesday” blog party.   Before I knew it, I had forgotten about my to-do list (which must be done tonight) and had downloaded some of Kim’s free textures and was experimenting with them.   I’m wondering if Santa would consider it too late to add something to my wishlist?

This seems a nice, bright image for a dreary, rainy day.

Stop. Sit.  Watch.  Wonder.

Stop. Sit. Watch. Wonder.

I changed the perspective a little bit on the original image.   Then, I applied Kim’s texture Wonderful Magic.  In the Layers palette, I set the mode to Screen and the opacity to 60%.   Then I added another of Kim’s textures, Providence, in another layer, with the mode set to Multiple.   I moved the opacity slider way down.   I added the text — one of my favorite quotes from Henry David Thoreau.   I copied the background, with mode set to Multiply to darken the image.   I then used the Rectangular Marquee tool on the top layer (the one with all the textures applied) to select a major portion of the image and hit the delete key, punching out a great big hole in the layers, revealing the darker image of the park bench.   Lastly, I applied Providence one more time, with a very low opacity. I should have kept note of what percentage I used, but I did not.  For the last steps, I used my signature brush to apply my name and oakleaf/acorn logo and flattened the image.  Voila!

There you go: my first (successful) use of a texture in Photoshop Elements.

I’ve posted this image, shot last June at Aullwood Audubon Center near Dayton Ohio.  You can see the version I posted originally here.

It is too late to join Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday blog party for the last Texture Tuesday of the year.  I would have joined the blog party if I had found this last week!  Although there is a brief break through the end of the year, Texture Tuesday will be back regularly on — you guessed it! — Tuesdays in 2013.  I suspect I’ll have one or two things to submit by the time it returns!

Travel Theme: Texture

Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week is Texture. One of the things that I love about nature photography and close-up photography of any subject is the surprising details one can see. Sometimes, a part, close-up,  is bigger than the whole!

Often times, grains of sand are nuisances on your skin, the bottom of your shoe, the floor of your car.  But viewed up close, they are amazing shapes, as is this translucent fish that was washed ashore briefly by the tide, swimming back out again on the next wave. Against the jagged edges of the sand grains, he looks even more jelly-like.

Glass Minnow in sand

Tree trunks are always amazing sources of texture.  The knot in this portion of the trunk of a fallen tree on the beach caught my attention, but the salt-weathered wood surrounding the knot has a freshly sawn look and is equally interesting.

Portion of Trunk, Fallen Tree on Beach

This is another close-up of the same tree trunk.  The trunk was bumpy and pitted, and a bit fuzzy where the algae had started to grow.  In places, the curves of the bumps had captured small grains of sand.  Underneath the bumps is smoother wood.

Close-up:  Algae, Sand, Tree Trunk

There were few limbs remaining on the tree trunk and even parts of the trunk had been worn away or apart from the tree, forming miniature swirls and cavern-like pits.

Pits, pockets, grains of sand

While various parts of the trunk held interesting textures and colors, the entire tree, set off against the horizon adds texture to a photograph of the shoreline, making the stark white sand look softer and seemingly holding the incoming clouds closer to the water.

Fall Tree, Framing Shoreline