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Travel Theme: Misty

Ailsa’s theme this week is “Misty”.   Yesterday was a perfect day for shooting “misty” photos:  cold, grey, rainy.   I went for a long walk in the sometimes drizzle and took lots of photos.  But the best one for “misty” was one I captured in my driveway when I returned home.

Misty, Reflection, Travel Theme


The old saying is “April Showers bring May flowers”.  I certainly hope so — and that we don’t have to wait until May — because it has been a long, grey winter and we need some blooming color. I’ve found myself recently humming a song from the musical Mame with a slight rewriting of the lyrics:  “We need a little Springtime. Right this very minute. We need a little Springtime now!


Playing with Abstracts

TheoryAllFatesI’ve been experimenting with abstracts recently and had forgotten how much I like glass and reflections.

2014-02-21 18.16.14


Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflection

This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is Reflection.   In the challenge post, Jared Bramlett wrote about reflections in water, windows and mirrors.  He posted a photograph of a bridge with a mirror used in the composition.

Reading the post gave me an idea:   I’ve had a large mirror — about 3 feet by 5 feet — currently set in a spare bedroom while we work on some remodeling and redecorating elsewhere.  My original idea was to use the mirror to get a shot of the outside through the windows, similar to the photos that I posted about a month ago of the outside reflecting on a glass shower door.   The light wasn’t right — either with natural sunlight or with a flash to get the reflections I wanted.  When I had time to do this, it wasn’t the right time of day.  But, I liked this shot.  It reminds me a little bit about the artistic joke of the artist painting a picture of a landscape artist painting a picture of the landscape artist painting the landscape . . . into eternity.  Except, in this case, the “artist” was not in the picture.   Not sure whether I should title this “Camera: Self-Portrait” or “In the mind’s eye”.

Camera:  Self-Portrait/In the Mind's Eye

Camera: Self-Portrait/In the Mind’s Eye

You can find other participants’ entries at the Daily Post.   A few are listed below.

Reflection of — what?

I like to look at reflections — in mirrors, dewdrops, water, wherever.  I also like to photograph them, although the images are seldom as cool as the original.  It is hard to capture the fleeting.

The other day, I noticed a very clear reflection in the oddest of places — the shower wall.   I couldn’t resist grabbing my camera.

Outside, reflected on shower wall (see shampoo bottle to right)

I took a photo looking out the window too:

Outside, looking towards greenway park

Today, because I was in a silly mood, I decided to shoot while standing at that shower wall, through the window.   I hadn’t wiped down the shower doors yet, so the steam and droplets created another layer.

Window through steamy doors

Of course, my favorite shot wasn’t of the reflection at all, but of the droplets on the shower door:

Abstract from droplets

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong


Early Morning: Tree, Rising

Or Right?

Early Morning: Sun, Rising

Remember when you were a kid and you would play on the swing?   Sometimes, everything looked different — yet better — when you were hanging upside down.   Sometimes, a slight change in perception can make all the difference.   It may be “wrong”, but I like this photo of the sunrise over a pond upside down.

Did you notice the white streak in the sky?  It’s a contrail.  That was the most difficult thing to shoot since in the original image it is reflected in the water.

And, because why not play some more?  Here is a detail from the same image that I like, with a little post-process editing  of the color and saturation:

Detail: Who is to say Right or Wrong?

This is my contribution to this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.  This week’s challenge:  share a photo that means wrong.  You can find links to other contributors’ works in the comments here.  Why don’t you play along too?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

Recently, I’ve been captivated by reflections, whether it is an actual reflection in a pool of water. the way the light shimmers reflectively through a window, or a more metaphoric reflection, one of reflecting on life and the world around me.

Here is my entry for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge, an unusual view of a bridge, with an unusual reflection as well.

Unusual View: Under the Bridge