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Around the pond

A few shots from around my pond.  This is my little garden oasis, whether I’m working on the “weeding” of the algae or sitting nearby listening to the waterfall.










Unfortunately, the critter in photo #6 is the main suspect in the disappearance of several of the critters in photo #2.  On one hand, he is an uninvited inhabitant and I wish he would go away.   On the other, he may soon be the sole occupant so I’m wondering if I should name him.  Appropriate name suggestions welcomed in the comments section!

Travel Theme: Flow

Ailsa’s theme this week was in keeping with how I’ve spent my time in recent days.   I’ve been trying to return a dirty, tired, leaking pond to its beautiful water feature self.  Under the muck and misaligned rocks, I know it is there.   After a lot of moving of rocks, water, and plants that had taken over, the stream has been rebuilt, the pond refilled, and a new pump installed.   FLOW has been achieved!

Working waterfall

Working waterfall

I was so happy to hear the sound of water falling.  I love the soothing, melodic sound.

Unfortunately, the pond still appears to be loosing water.  I’ve located one source but have more work to do before I can put the plants back in place and buy some fish.   One bad sign:  a blue heron has been sighted flying overhead a few times.   He’s been quiet, but I’m sure he’s thinking:   Dinner!  There will be no expensive koi for him though:  my fish will be guarded!

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