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Gotta Make a Connection…. (Travel Theme: Connections)

I read Ailsa’s travel theme for this week on Friday, but didn’t have time to put a post together.  However, it spurned an ear worm.   Ah, thanks?  But before I give you the pop melody I couldn’t get out of my head for several hours, my photos of a place that says connections in a variety of ways:

To physical places:

Spanning an inlet of Pensacola Bay

Spanning an inlet of Pensacola Bay

To an audience:

Weird?  Maybe?  Guess it depends on who you are talking to.

Weird? Maybe? Guess it depends on who you are talking to.

For A Cause:

Painted pink in October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Painted pink in October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

With Messages Understood by only some individuals or groups:

What connections are there to Eskimos in the Florida Panhandle?  I don't know, but maybe the person who painted this does!

What connections are there to Eskimos in the Florida Panhandle? I don’t know, but maybe the person who painted this does!

The Pensacola Graffiti Bridge, located at the 17th Ave rail crossing and Bayfront Parkway in Pensacola, Florida.  It’s a 50-year tradition where local law enforcement looks the other way, so that artists, lovers, graffiti writers and anyone with a message can use the bridge and trestle to make connections via spray paint.

About that ear worm:  When I thought “connection”, I found myself humming “I’ve gotta make a connection to you…”.  Of course, the lyrics to the song are “I gotta get a message to you”.   One of the songs from the soundtrack of my youth, though this performance was long after this was a hit.  Hadn’t thought of this song in a few decades.

It’s not too late to play along.  Everybody has a different idea of a “connection”.  Post yours & then link up to Wheres My Backpack before Friday.

Here are some other interpretations:


I’ve been experimenting with Photoshop Elements, using the “artistic” filters.

Using the rough pastel and color pencil filters:

Original Photograph:

Pensacola Lighthouse on board NAS Pensacola, established 1859. I took this photo from the beach below the lighthouse which sits on a high bluff, somewhat safe (so far) from tropical storm and hurricane surges. Although you can make reservations to climb to the top of the lighthouse to see the Blue Angels practice, I think the beach would be a great alternative place to watch the jets flying out over Pensacola Bay.


Great Blue Heron, Early Morning, Pensacola Bay

I see Great Blue Herons frequently near my home, but the ones that I spot on the Gulf Shore, nearly 800 miles away, seem less skittish, less caring about the nearness of humans, and maybe a bit more willing to share a piece of shoreline.

This bird stood still for several minutes in the early morning breeze.   Once Reveille from the nearby military base was played, he slowly walked down the shore, poked his beak into the surf a few times, then slowly flew away to the rest of his day.

Travel Theme: Texture

Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week is Texture. One of the things that I love about nature photography and close-up photography of any subject is the surprising details one can see. Sometimes, a part, close-up,  is bigger than the whole!

Often times, grains of sand are nuisances on your skin, the bottom of your shoe, the floor of your car.  But viewed up close, they are amazing shapes, as is this translucent fish that was washed ashore briefly by the tide, swimming back out again on the next wave. Against the jagged edges of the sand grains, he looks even more jelly-like.

Glass Minnow in sand

Tree trunks are always amazing sources of texture.  The knot in this portion of the trunk of a fallen tree on the beach caught my attention, but the salt-weathered wood surrounding the knot has a freshly sawn look and is equally interesting.

Portion of Trunk, Fallen Tree on Beach

This is another close-up of the same tree trunk.  The trunk was bumpy and pitted, and a bit fuzzy where the algae had started to grow.  In places, the curves of the bumps had captured small grains of sand.  Underneath the bumps is smoother wood.

Close-up:  Algae, Sand, Tree Trunk

There were few limbs remaining on the tree trunk and even parts of the trunk had been worn away or apart from the tree, forming miniature swirls and cavern-like pits.

Pits, pockets, grains of sand

While various parts of the trunk held interesting textures and colors, the entire tree, set off against the horizon adds texture to a photograph of the shoreline, making the stark white sand look softer and seemingly holding the incoming clouds closer to the water.

Fall Tree, Framing Shoreline

The Awesome Blue Angels

And this was practice!

You know they’re low to the ground when you can read the writing.

Look closely:  two are upside down!

All six in formation.

If you are ever in the vicinity of Naval Air Station Pensacola when the Blue Angels are having practice sessions, it’s worth getting up early to see them fly — even if you are not a flight enthusiast.

Runner’s Sunset

Open Road: Runner/Sunset

Taken on Pensacola Beach on Fort Pickens Road, currently closed to traffic due to Hurricane Isaac.  I liked the setup for this shot — a nice bit of serendipity.  I had to laugh when the runner passed me and said that he hoped he didn’t mess up my shot.  Not the best though, color-wise.  May attempt again once I get home (and have a mouse!) to do some post-process editing.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Near & Far

This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is Near and Far. I didn’t necessarily intend to mimic the seashore landscape in the challenge post, but I am at the shore for a few days, so it seemed a likely subject. I’ve taken several shots over the last few days, not all at the shoreline, playing with this idea. Not sure that any of them are quite what I expected to produce for this challenge, but here you go!

Sea oats and barrier along inlet, Pensacola Bay. Naval Air Station, Pensacola. P’cola Florida. Taken not long after sunrise this morning.