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Black & White Osprey

Textured Tuesday’s theme is Black & White & Textured.   Typically, I wouldn’t use a texture on a nature photo, but a slight grungy texture added a bit more drama to the clouds.   More details on processing below.


First I used a LR for a little bit of sharpening and then used a preset to convert the image to B&W.  At first I tried to make it appear like a cyanotype, but I didn’t like how cool the photo was, so I selected a preset that had warmer tones and then adjusted the curves, bumping up the green to give that ghostly feel to the tree limbs and the bird’s head.    Then, in ACR, I “hand-tinted” the background a very pale blue.   Added the textured “Frosted”, which I also handtinted in ACR using the same shade,  and then removed the texture from most of the image except in the upper corners.

Here is the SOOC image, taken just before sunrise last January a few minutes before sunrise on Sanibel Island.

OspreySOOCBe sure to stop by Kim Klassen’s Café and see some amazing Black & White & Textured images.


Wise Words

Made with Repix (http://repix.it)People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things about us.  ~ Irish Murdoch

Travel Theme: Blossom

I had a big issue with Ailsa’s selection for this week’s theme.   The problem is that the theme is BLOSSOM and I take too many pictures of flowers that so it was difficult to choose!

Here is one I took on my recent trip to Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands.

Pink Blush, flowers, nature photography, Keukenhof Gardens
                                                        Pink Blush


Travel Theme: Rivers

I had just finished posting my previous post when I saw that Ailsa had posted her theme for the week:  Rivers.  So, why not another photo taken on my recent trip?  This one was taken on the same day as the photo of the  Martinus Nijhoff bridge though I’m not certain how close this was to the same area.   Regardless, on that lazy Friday morning, we saw many cows, sheep and horses spending their days in what seemed like an idyllic way:  lazying along the shores of the River Waal.  

Suntanning cows

Suntanning cows on the river’s shore


From my recent visit to Keukenhof Gardens in The Netherlands.

Orange Tulip with Rain Drops

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Travel Theme: Misty

Ailsa’s theme this week is “Misty”.   Yesterday was a perfect day for shooting “misty” photos:  cold, grey, rainy.   I went for a long walk in the sometimes drizzle and took lots of photos.  But the best one for “misty” was one I captured in my driveway when I returned home.

Misty, Reflection, Travel Theme


The old saying is “April Showers bring May flowers”.  I certainly hope so — and that we don’t have to wait until May — because it has been a long, grey winter and we need some blooming color. I’ve found myself recently humming a song from the musical Mame with a slight rewriting of the lyrics:  “We need a little Springtime. Right this very minute. We need a little Springtime now!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflection

Yesterday, I took my first walk this Spring (as opposed to my last walk of winter last week) along the Greenway Trail near my home.  It still looks a lot like winter, but everywhere you go, there are the tiniest hints of Spring’s arrival.   The first shot I took — one that I won’t be able to take in a few months as the growth along the creekbanks will obscure this particular view — was of the creek and the beautiful reflections of the trees.   Perfect for this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.


Late Afternoon Reflection

Fall Creek is bigger than most “creeks” around here, but it isn’t as big as a river, at least during parts of the year.  When the snow began to melt a few weeks ago, you couldn’t even walk on the paved trail, which is several yards away from the creek.  The water has receded now, but there are plentiful signs that the area was recently flooded.

Creek, water, Fall Creek Greenway

After The Water Receded

But, I didn’t have to walk very far before I saw the first buds on trees:

Silver Maple Awakening

Silver Maple Awakening

Just beginning

Just beginning

On the walk back home, I snapped a quick shot of the roadway, and then a few in my yard.  Again, from a distance it still looks dreary, but slowly, imperceptibly, Spring is awakening.

Roadside Slumber

Roadside Slumber

The first daffodils peaking their heads above the ground.

The first daffodils peaking their heads above the ground.

Snowdrop & Leaf:  Old &  New

Snowdrop & Leaf: Old & New

As Thoreau wrote in Walden, They were pleasant spring days, in which the winter of man’s discontent was thawing as well as the earth, and the life that had lain torpid began to stretch itself.”

Look carefully:  don’t miss Spring’s early stretches.

One small sign of Spring

Goldfinches live here year-round but when their feathers start to turn yellow, you know that Spring is coming soon.   On days like today — when it is snowing, even though it was 68F yesterday — the small patches of  yellow are a nice reminder that sunny days will slowly replace the winter greys.  Goldfinches

Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

Can’t see the forest for the trees?  Change your perspective.

It all depends on how you look at it.

It all depends on how you look at it.

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Green Heron

Green Heron, Six MIle Cypress

Green Heron, Six MIle Cypress Slough

There were lots of birds — herons, storks, anhingas — and other creatures like squirrels and pigs in the swamp this afternoon, but this Green Heron was the only one that actually posed.