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Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

In the comments section of the last Weekly Photo Challenge, a few participants who responded with links early, were reprimanded for using something from their archives. Pfffft! Really? Often it just isn’t possible to go take a picture to fit the theme. Although I wasn’t one of those reprimanded, I was rather honked off: it seemed unprofessional of the WP staff and a bit too much on the other side of “nice & friendly”, which is how I’ve always viewed this weekly “challenge”. I don’t do this for accolades, for prizes, or to be treated like an errant school child. I enjoy looking at what others post, seeing how they have interpreted the challenge. Sometimes it is quite a challenge to figure out an angle for a one-word challenge and then finding a photograph to fit. Other times, I have something in mind immediately and can’t wait to grab my camera and compose a shot that is just right.

Today’s challenge — to use multiple images portraying what makes you happy — is a perfect example of a time when my archives are ripe for the challenge and taking a new shot is just not possible. Some of these things portrayed below are nowhere near where I am at the moment. Looking at the photographs makes me happy, a poor substitute for the real thing, but they still sustain a level of happiness and bring a smile to my face. Others, as you might deduce from the images below, are just not possible to get a great shot of, but I have something that will do to convey the idea.

Silly rules! I’ll likely continue to use images from my archives because I like participating in this challenge, and although it is rare that I have the time to look at everybody’s entry — a feat I have managed once or twice — I like looking at whatever the participants offer, whether it was taken within the hour, day or week of the posting, or if it is something treasured from years ago.

The number one thing that makes me happy: my family. But they don’t like to pose for photographs and they wouldn’t like identifying photographs to appear in this space.

A reluctant subject: My favorite camera phone picture of all time.

What else makes me happy?
Early morning light, early evening/sunset light, walking along a path, finding a place of solitude within the woods to stop, reflect and observe. From many of the images elsewhere on this blog you shouldn’t be surprised that birds, blooms, beaches make me happy, as well as the critters who wander through my woods. And then there are things that don’t translate well into photos: reading, walking, cooking. And taking photographs of it all along the way.

A suggestion in this week’s challenge is to use one of the new gallery formats. I like this one, in the rectangular style. I would like it better if I could arrange where in the gallery the photos appeared. Hover over each photo to see the caption, or click on any one to scroll through the gallery one picture at a time. Be sure to check out others’ contributions to HAPPY.