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Free Spirit: Weekly Photo Challenge

This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is Free Spirit.  This week’s challenge is guest hosted by Strauss Louw.  Louw writes that this theme — free spirit — lends itself to many possibilities for subject matter and composition.   I agree with him.  But, I take exception to his comments that working with film rather than digital allows for more creative exploration and experimentation for a theme such as this.  

I agree that they are different mediums, and they produce different effects, but I don’t think that a particular subject matter — especially one that can be so broadly interpreted — is best suited to a particular medium.  One could just as easily paint a picture (in oil, acrylic, watercolor, egg tempura, finger paints…) and convey the idea of “free spirit”.  They wouldn’t be the same, but I doubt that one is better than the other simply because of the medium.   Of course, if you were to paint, rather than photograph, it wouldn’t be a suitable entry for a “Photo” challenge.

Just my two cents worth, which is worth 2 cents exactly nothing as this is the internet. 🙂


I spotted this boy on an unseasonably warm day along the banks of the Hudson, in the Fort Washington area of Manhattan, last Spring.  His mother sat nearby, enjoying the sun while keeping an eye on the child, yet still allowing him to be a kid and to explore.   Here’s to that free spirit in each of us.

Skipping stones

Nearby was a spot where he had been playing, before his attention shifted to throwing stones into the water and watching the splashes.

Rocks and Wheel