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Travel Theme: Flow

Ailsa’s theme this week was in keeping with how I’ve spent my time in recent days.   I’ve been trying to return a dirty, tired, leaking pond to its beautiful water feature self.  Under the muck and misaligned rocks, I know it is there.   After a lot of moving of rocks, water, and plants that had taken over, the stream has been rebuilt, the pond refilled, and a new pump installed.   FLOW has been achieved!

Working waterfall

Working waterfall

I was so happy to hear the sound of water falling.  I love the soothing, melodic sound.

Unfortunately, the pond still appears to be loosing water.  I’ve located one source but have more work to do before I can put the plants back in place and buy some fish.   One bad sign:  a blue heron has been sighted flying overhead a few times.   He’s been quiet, but I’m sure he’s thinking:   Dinner!  There will be no expensive koi for him though:  my fish will be guarded!

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