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Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge theme is “arranged”.  This theme at first seemed simple:  unless you take snaps (and even then, some might argue) every photo is arranged in some way.   So, all my photos that I would consider sharing are in some way arranged.  I took some great shots of wildflowers arranged in a teapot, placed on a weathered old bench the other day.  The best shots are nice, in a greeting-card sort of way, and one is likely to be part of a mothers’ day card for my mom.   But, a flower arrangement?   Too cliché for me.

Then I remembered some of the shots I took while on vacation in January.   I walked up and down the beach each day and couldn’t help but stop and pick up interesting looking shells.  I was fascinated by them and the most interesting ones were photographed, often on the shoreline and frequently on the porch of the condo.  In looking through the shots, I realized how much I’ve progressed in my photography since January.   (My secret?  No secret at all:  take pictures every day.   Take your camera nearly everywhere.)

As I was shooting, I remember thinking about the artificiality of the arrangements.  But, in Southwest Florida, with the overdevelopment of beaches and wetlands, there really isn’t much that is natural.  That lead to the composition of this shot.  The background was a real estate catalog that I picked up in the resort’s lobby.  It was perfect for this “catch”.  I’d probably do some things differently with this if I were shooting it now, but I like the overall idea of it.

The Good Life in the Sunshine State

Here are some of the other arrangements of shells and shore life that I did. In keeping with the laws — and just good common sense when it comes to protecting marine and wild life — no live shells were removed from the beach.

Be sure to stop by The Weekly Photo Challenge page and check out the comments to links to others interpretation of “ARRANGED”.

Coquina shells

Moon Snails

Augers, Wentletraps, Ceriths, and Snails

Dosinia Clams

Blue Crabs -- in need of a pedi?

Assorted, Arranged Shells

Lighting Whelk Egg Case and Sea Fans

Lightening Whelk Shell Surrounded by Egg Case

Whelks -- Lightening Whelk is the only whelk that turns to the left

Sunray Venus