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This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is Everyday Life.

I recently returned from a quick trip — part errand, part enjoyment — 750 miles and light-years away from my daily life. I stayed in the VQ (military speak for Visitor’s Quarters) on the base where my son is stationed. While I certainly felt safer than I might in a nearby hotel, it did feel odd to stay someplace where the culture is the same, but the rules make it entirely different: showing identification when entering the premises, hearing my son answer his cell phone with “Lieutenant B—-“, passing two different gas stations where I was not legally able to buy gas, obeying large red “AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY” signs, feeling out-of-place as a civilian.

In thinking about today’s challenge, I started thinking about what “everyday” really meant. Sure, we all understand the daily routine: Lather. Rinse. Repeat. We do what we are supposed to do.

Sunrise. Eat. Work. Play. Sunset. Sleep.

I usually shoot nature photography. I like the little details that so often go unnoticed as you walk by a flower, swat away an annoying bug, hurry home at the end of the day not paying attention to the colors on the horizon as the sun slips out of sight. I don’t often shoot people, or things that seem — well — normal. But, even in those things, one can find the extraordinary.

A bird at sunrise:

Wondering what direction the day will take:

Nurturing a child:

Catching a breath after running up the stairs:

Doing one’s job:

Smiling at a stranger:

Noticing something in the world around us that has nothing to do with our lives:

Remembering those who have gone before us: they may be different things to other people, but daily they were just our mother, father, granddad, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, child, friend.

Hoping at the end of each day’s road, we’ve met and left a little good along our path.