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Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art

I’m a bit obsessed with doors as well as with peeling paint, so I couldn’t pass up this shot when I stumbled upon it.   When I took this shot, at an abandoned set of barns in the middle of countryside, somewhere between Cornfield Central and Picturesque Covered Bridges, where there was only the sound of the wind and a barking dog in the distance, I thought it seemed like a perfect setting for a mystery novel.   And, since my imagination can easily take me on journeys, once I thought of that, I wasn’t about to step through that open door — just in case I might have stumbled upon where bodies were buried!

This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is Cover Art.  My imaginary mystery novel, to go along with this image, is titled  Hidden Country.

2014-10-18 22.58.58


This was shot with an iPhone5 using BracketMode.  Images were compiled with PRO HDR X and processed in SnapSeed.

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Window/Flowers; Door/Bike

Ravenna, Italy