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Linking up with Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday.  This week’s theme:  Color.

coquina, donax variabilis, shells

Tiny rainbows:  Donax variabilis, aka Coquina

Coquina (d. variabilis) are abundant on the beaches in Southwest Florida.  Although they are everywhere, I am always taken with the variety of colors and patterns in these little shells.  The bivalves are edible (these were just the shells of the little creatures), but I’ve heard that they are not very tasty!  They’re so tiny, I would never have the patience to shuck enough to make even a small appetizer.

This image was layered with one layer of Kim’s texture kk_0603 with Blend mode of Multiply at 15% opacity, masked off of the shells.  There was already plenty of texture in the wood (love that grain!), but the texture helped the tone a bit along the edges.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

We’ve had a long winter, so there is hardly any Spring color around yet.  But the signs are there that in a few days, color will POP!   Already a few daffodils have opened their buds and in four or five days, the hillside will be covered with many shades of yellow.   But, for now, the most colorful sign in my yard is this small garden sign.  A Mother’s Day gift to my mom years ago, this cute little sign recently made its way back to my own garden, where it brings a bit of color and rhyme to the subtle browns and moss greens of the woods .  Soon those colors  will give way to a rainbow burst of other hues.  We were served ramps at our favorite restaurant this evening:  a sure sign that winter has ended!

Soon the garden will be a-buzz!

Soon the garden will be a-buzz!

This is my contribution to this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge:  Color.   Why don’t you join in the fun and leave a link to the Daily Post page (here) for a photo that says “COLOR” to you.  Be sure to check out what others have posted while you’re there.  Here are just a few:

Too many paint fumes?

I’ve been working on painting a room for the last week. In some ways, it seems a bit unfair of me to have conscripted my son, when home on break, to assist with this endeavor, because while it was his room for awhile when he was young, I never would have allowed him to write on the walls in crayon or play darts without a dart board. What a mess was waiting for us behind the layers of wallpaper.

Orignially I thought that I would only paint the portion of the wall that had been wallpapered. There is wainscoting and I thought it looked in good enough condition to leave as is. But, I didn’t count on two things: 1) that what looked white was in fact, once I painted the walls, a sickly peach shade, (It did not look good with the blue!) and 2) that the painter’s tape would take large amounts of trim paint when removed. This, of course, means that I will likely have to paint the crown moldings too — something that would have been better to do before I painted the walls.

So, now that I have finished with the part I intended, I need to select a paint color for the wainscoting and trim. Everytime I’ve been in Lowe’s recently — the paint project necessitated at least three trips — I’ve picked up paint sample cards to determine what I should buy for the remainder of the project.

When selecting the initial color, my son attempted to persuade me to use the color “Determination”, as the finished room will be my workspace. He said that it would “speak” to me as I worked in this room in the future. I told him that I needed “Motivation” and its coordinating color “Writer’s Block Vanished” rather than ‘Determination”. I have determination by the paint can; I could do without it. Eventually we settled on something that we thought was close (I had left the sample at home when we went to the store) that went by the name “Hinting Blue”.

Tonight, I aligned several samples against the wall. All of these were eliminated based on color, rather than name. Can you guess which is Crisp Morning, Apple Blossom, Rain Puddle, or Foggy Mist? How on earth do they come up with these names. I want that job: color name creator. I wonder what the market is for someone who could come up with these names. Since universal agreement on color names does not exist in the domestic US paint market, it means that there must be several people who do this for a living. I want one of these jobs!

Color Samples

I settled on these colors: Blue Suede and Smoke. May only go with Smoke. Not sure I can trust a paint called Blue Suede. It would be all together different if it were named Blue Suede Shoes.

Smoke or Shoe-less Suede?

You never know what you might find






Roy G Biv



Leaf Rainbow

Leaf Rainbow: Deconstructed

Leaf Rainbow Reconstructed