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Cityscape #1

Cityscape 1

Cityscape 1

I posted this as part of Brenda’s Third Thursday Challenge.  What is the 3rd Thursday Challenge?   To do something different.    This is a bit of a departure for me, although just a small one in terms of process.   I started with a macro image and played with several filters to amend and distort the original image.   It reminded me of a skyline, but of some non-existent, crumbling city.    The original image?   A badly damaged book taped together with Scotch tape.



Backlit Smoke

I was driving near sunset the other day and saw this billowing smokestack. The sun was at just the right angle to cast a beautiful pinkish purplish glow to the smoke. I pulled over as I neared, into an abandoned car lot. I was in Lafayette, a city that I have driven through many times, but am not that familiar with. I was not certain how much further the plant was, or if there was anyplace off of the highway that I would be able to park. Since the sun was nearly down, I decided to take the shot from a distance.

Lavender Smoke Cloud

The low winter grey snow sky had taken on an eerie yellow cast (although I don’t think I captured it exactly in this photo). The smoke had the pink-lavender tones as I drove down IN-52 for about three miles. After I took this photograph, I continued down the highway towards the plant. About another mile, there was a much better place to take the photograph, without the obstruction of street lights and low hanging wires across the intersection. But, the sun had already set, the light changed, and the smoke was back to the industrial grey output that it always is.

Grey, Most Days