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Travel Theme: Transportation

Planes, Trains, Automobiles.  Bicycles, Boats, Jets, Rockets.   I haven’t taken all of them — and am not likely ever to take a rocket anywhere — but they are all part of our world.

Where I live — the middle of the United States — automobile is the most common form of transportation.   Earlier this year I checked what my neighborhood was on WalkScore.com.   Answer:  20, which could be translated loosely to  “It sucks to live here if you don’t have a car”.  Indianapolis is developing more walking paths and bike lanes, which makes me very happy, but I live in a car-dependent neighborhood.

I’m not the kind of person who cares much about my car.  I drive them long and hard.  I’ve  had more than one person tell me before that they didn’t know that [fill in the name of the automaker] made garbage scows.  As long as my car gets me to my destination safely and efficiently, I’m happy with it.  The best car to me is one that I can drive until it literally falls apart.  My only wish is that it doesn’t happen prematurely or in traffic.

I wish that there was reliable train transportation throughout the US, because I think that I would use it.   I don’t particularly like to fly, but if I’m driving I can’t enjoy looking out at the landscape, so trains seem ideal.  For now, though, and the foreseeable future, if I’m traveling slow it will be by car; if I need to get somewhere quickly, it will be by plane.

Last summer, I accompanied my son on a quick one-day trip to the Dayton area.  I had spotted this particular artwork at the I-70/I-75 interchange before, but I had always been driving.   It isn’t the best shot, but it was taken at somewhere over 60 mph.  I won’t guess how much over that speed!   I like this interchange because of the arching lines.  This is in the area of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, and not far from the childhood home of the Wright Brothers, so the motif on the columns is fitting for the area.   I like how the arched pathways of the jets echos the arches of the two interstates as the reach in different directions.

Planes and automobiles

Planes and automobiles

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