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Travel Theme: Sky

This week, Ailsa has picked sky as the theme of the week.   What better excuse — as if one was needed — to show off a few of the beautiful sunsets I experienced during my recent trip to the Adriatic.  It was only a little more than a month ago, but the weather here makes me feel like it has been months since I’ve been in a warm climate.  It’s now teeth-chattering cold where I live, so just looking at sun setting over an ocean makes me feel a little warmer.


Sunset, from the Grand Canal

Clouds, At Sea

Clouds, At Sea

Leaving the port of Durress, Albania

Leaving the port of Durrës, Albania

Sky over water beats wintery snow sky like rock beats scissors or paper!

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Deep Blue Seaport (Travel Theme: Deep)

As soon as I read Ailsa’s post this morning, describing this week’s theme of Deep, I knew that I wanted to post one of the many (I mean many!) harbor and port photos I took on my vacation.   As you may have guessed from my last post, I spent some time in France.

But, before I went to France, I had a very different type of trip:  a cruise around the Adriatic.   I have always been skeptical – sometimes outright disdainful – about the idea of taking a cruise:  a floating city of tourists just seemed contrary to the type of travel I have always done.  But, when dear friends sponsored a trip through their restaurant, I caved.  The idea of going to Venice with one of the people I traveled through Europe with when I was a college student – when my love of travel first began – was too strong.   I never would have predicted that I would have as much fun as I did.

I’m sure I’ll write more about my experience on a city-ship, but let’s get back to Ailsa’s theme.  I’m not much of a water person; I’m a shore person.  As a non-swimmer, anything over 5 feet of water seems deep to me.   One of the geological features of the Adriatic Sea is not its depth, but its shallowness.   In the Northern Adriatic Basin, near Venice and Trieste, the average depth of the sea is only about 15 meters (49 feet).  Further south, just before the Adriatic flows into the Ionian Sea in the Strait of Otranto, the deepest point of the sea is in the South Adriatic Pit where it reaches a depth 1,233 meters (4,045 feet).

Cargo Ship, Port of Durres, Albania

Cargo Ship, Port of Durrës, Albania

Some of the ports of call on this trip were too shallow for the boat to dock so tender boats were used to take passengers to land.   In those places where the boat docked, I was fascinated by the port.   The Port of Durrës, Albania, is not a typical stopping point for tourists.  I found it the most fascinating place because it was an industrial port.  This is only one of many photos I took of the ships traveling in and out of Durrës.

As for the deep blue sea, regardless of the depth of the sea, the Adriatic was a beautiful shade of deep blue everywhere we went.

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