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Travel Theme: Metal

Two stainless steel abstracts for Ailsa’s Weekly Travel Theme.   Didn’t travel too far for these; waterdrops in a messy sink, captured with my iPhone and edited in LR & PS.

stainless droplet

Playing with Abstracts

TheoryAllFatesI’ve been experimenting with abstracts recently and had forgotten how much I like glass and reflections.

2014-02-21 18.16.14



Water, Abstract, Orb,

What Once Was Water

Reflection of — what?

I like to look at reflections — in mirrors, dewdrops, water, wherever.  I also like to photograph them, although the images are seldom as cool as the original.  It is hard to capture the fleeting.

The other day, I noticed a very clear reflection in the oddest of places — the shower wall.   I couldn’t resist grabbing my camera.

Outside, reflected on shower wall (see shampoo bottle to right)

I took a photo looking out the window too:

Outside, looking towards greenway park

Today, because I was in a silly mood, I decided to shoot while standing at that shower wall, through the window.   I hadn’t wiped down the shower doors yet, so the steam and droplets created another layer.

Window through steamy doors

Of course, my favorite shot wasn’t of the reflection at all, but of the droplets on the shower door:

Abstract from droplets

Abstract 0925



Leading Lines

These aren’t what I typically think of when I think of the concept of leading lines in photographs.  When I started to photograph the last stalks of alstroemeria, still clinging to life after a week in the vase, I did not have Ailsa’s challenge in mind (Ailsa, Where’s My BackPack, Travel Theme:  Leading Lines).   But, once I downloaded this particular image, I could help but play with the orientation, the saturation and the color.  No alstroemeria were injured in the making of these images!

Collage: As Yet Untitled

Parallel Universes

This started out as a picture that I took as part of yesterday’s Weekly Photo Challenge.  I didn’t like it as-is, the inside of something common so I added and warped and stretched and mutated the original image.  I had no idea where I was going with this.  I don’t think it is done yet.

Fantasia on a Water Fall

Abstract photo. I envision some additional pieces for this work.

Fantasia: Water Fall

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