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First entry of the year for PhotoFriday. This week’s challenge: Day’s End

The Lengthening of the Day

Nature is painting for us…day after day … pictures of infinite beauty ~ John Ruskin

Taken around 4:30 pm, from the car, traveling south on I-75 in SW Georgia.

Also considered, because more reflective of the end of this day:

Hotel Interchange

Traveler's Rest


Photo Friday: Meditative

Some places call out to sit down and loose yourself. In the woods there are plenty places to do so.

I find the most meditative places to be outdoors, preferably in the woods. If there is water nearby, and wildflowers, I find it even more relaxing and a better place for seeking a contemplative state of mind. Looking at nature with my camera also moves my spirit to a more meditative space.

Looking the other direction, a labyrinth in the field. A different means to contemplation.

Creek: Up close. You can't stand in the same river twice.

Same creekbed, standing in a different place, in a different season.

All photos shot at Waycross Episcopal Camp and Conference Center, Morgantown, Indiana. First 3 photos were shot in September, 2011. Winter creek, shot in February, 2010.

This post is my participation in this week’s Photo Friday, assignment: Meditation. Check out other entries here.

Photo Friday: Depth Perception

Today’s challenge: Depth Perception

Sometimes you need to step back to see a different perspective.

Photo Friday: Noon

It's Noon Somewhere & Always in My Living Room!

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One of a Different Color

One leaf, many raindrops

Photo Friday: One

Photo Friday: Public Space

Protected from the public

This week’s Photo Friday submission. Assignment: Public Space

Photo Friday: Wide Angle

Sky High: Angles, Lines & Curves

I don’t have a wide-angle lens, but I do like shooting geometrical lines & curves, such as this one, taken on a bright day last spring.

This week’s entry in Photo Friday. Topic: Wide Angle

Photo Friday: Little

This week’s Photo Friday.

Ethan's Hand

And when you were one month old, your fingers were this big!

Photo Friday: My Baby

Mother and Child in the Garden

This week’s Photo Friday challenge is “My Baby”.

This is not me, nor my baby, but I do like the Madonna and Child feel to this picture, taken at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens in May, 2010.

I would post a picture of my baby, who turns 23 this week, but he would not be happy if I did so. What I can tell you is that the picture I would post was taken at Winkler Point, Fort Myers Beach in Jan, 2010 on the only warm day that month. He is looking at me, with a natural smile — something not often captured on film — and doesn’t look like he was putting up with his mother, either for the nature walk or the photo. He was graciously putting up with both of them. In this photo, one would easily recognize that he is a ruggedly handsome man. (He does not look like me one bit!).

I am proud at the wonderful young man my son has grown to be. He is intelligent, kind and caring, with a healthy dose of humor and sarcasm that allows me and other to look at the world in differing ways.

My “baby” will graduate from the Home of the Boilermakers in the Spring and will be commissioned as a 2nd lieutenant in the US Air Force immediately following commencement. He will then head to flight training, pursuing the dream he has had since he was 7 years old. He has been on this track since he was 17, and, although it took me a few years to reconcile my feelings about the current war and his desire to have a military career, I made peace long ago that it is his path to follow, not mine. Kudos to him for knowing what he wants, having the courage to pursue it, and understanding all of its implications.

I am so proud of him for following his dream. I am proud of him for the man that he is.

I love you B. Happy birthday!

Photo Friday Challenge: Slick


My entry in this week’s Photo Friday Challenge. The challenge was “slick”. Rain can be. The challenge, however, makes me think about the icy weather that is to come in a few short months.