Be Still, Lesson 18


Although Kim Klassen’s current course, Be Still 52, has been challenging, informative and fun,  I haven’t been participating much recently. Not because of the course, but it’s just not something (like this blog) that I’ve devoted any time to lately.  Sometimes when you stop doing something — reading a book, taking photographs, doing something of habit — it isn’t easy to get back into the practice after a period of time.  Claiming that you’re waiting for “inspiration” can be a crutch.  I decided that I was going to jump back in this week and do the lesson regardless of whatever it was.

This week’s prompt is “Organic”.   I wanted to run immediately, as I think that  the term “organic” is overused.   Food is “organic”, but the label is meaningless as there is no standard to define what “organic” should be.   When I was working, the sales and executive teams often talked of “organic” growth.   That was even more ambiguous and made me laugh whenever I heard it.   I thought it sounded organic — as in like the stuff that one might put on one’s garden!

But, since I was committed to the prompt, I decided to think of things natural and in nature.   I took a walk along the nearby creek and found these wildflowers.  In other situations, they might be considered weeds.  On the creek bank, they grow naturally, without any sort of intervention or cultivation.    I placed them on the wood floor in my house when the late afternoon sun was streaming in through the windows.   I like these images.

Part of the lesson included using LightRoom’s Print Module to create a diptych.   I tried several times — I’ve done this before!   But, I could not get the picture placement to work correctly when I exported the file.   I’ll have to keep working on how to do that.   Guess it isn’t something that came naturally — organically — to my brain this evening!


18 responses to “Be Still, Lesson 18

  1. Well then… I feel much better for being about 14 weeks behind in Be Still since I’m in excellent company. 🙂 I didn’t even think of just doing this week’s lesson. I planned on going all the way back and starting with what I’ve missed. Hmm.

    • Nope. You just have to jump in where you are — like everything in life. I frequently have to think of this class — like so many other things — as having a hidden title. Like, Be Still (and give up perfection!). 🙂

  2. So beautiful! Love your post too!

  3. I love both of these images. No Diptych needed.

  4. So lovely and a beautiful organic and love the placement on the left with a lot of negative space on the right.

    • Thanks Barbara. I tend to use the right side for negative space more than the left. I wonder if that is a left handed/right handed thing? When I was trying to create a diptych, I had to flip one of the photos so that they were “facing” instead of both leading off the right edge and out of the photo.

  5. How great to really go outside and pick flowers along the creek. Organic for sure.

    • I’m lucky that there is a place where these grow that is a short walk from where I live. I have to cross a busy street to get there, but once I’m there, I block out the traffic and only care about the wild beauty.

  6. Gorgeous light Anne! I think you’ve captured a couple beautiful organic images. I think of it as “natural”, coming from nature without man’s intervention.

    • Thanks for stopping by & commenting Cheryl. Sometimes I feel a bit guilty picking the wildflowers along the creek — that perhaps that, too, is intervention in the natural, but I do adore having them for a short time.

  7. Just adore this…beautiful!

  8. Wow, love the flowers laying. Especially love the last one. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks, Diana. The room where I shot these is currently empty because we just had the floors redone. I’m in love with the light as it hits the floors. And I’m not at all in a hurry to move furniture into the room because it makes such a lovely backdrop in photos.

  9. Hi Anne, this is a beautiful post on organic and its use. This photo is full of warmth and “organic” feelings…so natural. I love how you placed them in a spraying arrangement and have natural wood underneath. Hope you figured out your print module dilemma.

    • Thanks Bev … and thanks for the suggestions on the diptych issue you left on Flickr. I haven’t tried anything further, but I was using my own template and not Kim’s. When I get two seconds or more, I may go back, load Kim’s template and see if I can figure out what is different about mine — given, of course, that I don’t have the same issue with her template.