The Last Rose of Summer?

Linking up with Texture Tuesday.


Used Kim Klassen’s latest “magic” texture, kk_magic0916.

8 responses to “The Last Rose of Summer?

  1. And a beautiful one it is!

  2. A beautiful reminder that summer is fading out and fall is arriving. Nice edit with the magic texture.

  3. I love the petal that is barely hanging on. This is gorgeous work…

  4. A beautiful silhouette of your rose, and it is drinking in all the sun it can. Love the textures on this one. I hope to have a few more roses before the frost starts coming.

    • I love roses and so wish that I could grow them in my yard, but I don’t have anyplace with enough sunlight. So, this probably isn’t my last rose of summer as I get them at Kroger’s, but the days of gardens with blooming roses that I can enjoy are certainly numbered with this cold weather we’ve been having. I owned a house about 25 years ago that had many rose bushes when I bought it. I added more until there were about 3 dozen when I sold it. A year later I drove by it & the new owners had removed every one of them! It made me want to cry!