Lost … and Found

For years, I was able to find things in stacks in my office by estimating the life of the pile.   Needed something from last March?   No problem.   March was about …. right there!    I was always close.

The same with my photographs.  There was a time when I thought that I would remember every photograph that I took.  And, I was certain, that I would remember when I took it so that if I needed to retrieve it, I could easily.

So, when I went to find a particular photograph — a closeup shot of a milkweed seed — for a forum I participate in, I wondered when I took it.  I knew it had to be fall because that is when milkweed pods burst.  But I couldn’t remember what year it was.  2013? 2012?  2011?

I didn’t start using Lightroom until Spring of 2013.  Previously, I didn’t tag and only rarely named the files with anything other than the automatic IMG_xxxx assigned in camera.

After several hours of searching, over the course of two days, I finally located the shot that I wanted, although I only found an edited jpg, not the original raw file.  And, to my surprise, it appears that I took it when on a road trip, not along the creek near my house as I had originally thought.

Seed pod

Milkweed Seed

Lesson learned?  I’m glad that I now catalog and tag my photos.   LR is such a powerful tool; I’m not sure how I found anything before.   One of these days, I’ll need to go through all of my pre-LR  photos, import and tag them.   Otherwise, they are not much different from the boxes of photographs and negatives  I’ve accumulated over the years.  Looking through them may bring back memories, but it’s time-consuming and too difficult to find what you want.

Here’s a shot of some things I found on my walk today.   It’s cooler than normal; fall is definitely in the air.  I’m hoping that I don’t regret not covering my porch plants this evening.   I’m sure they’re thinking “What the heck?  This cold already?”


Dr Suess -like acorns

3 responses to “Lost … and Found

  1. Beautiful shots. I wish I would learn LR… seems like such a good idea because I search for photos that way too and it is so frustrating.

  2. A great catch Up 4DO – I wanted to comment on your Normandy shots but comments seem closed, a pity as it was a great set

    • Thanks Scott. Seems like when I changed the WP theme a few months ago, it closed the comments on all posts. Still, I appreciate the feedback on the Normandy shots.

      I took those just about a year ago & I really should go back through them & post some more. It was an incredible experience to go to the beaches. We had wanted to go to the American Cemetery as well, but it was the first day of the sequester. When we were only a few miles away — a nearly 4 hour drive from Paris — the tour guide was informed that it was closed. That was rather disappointing as it had been why we had booked the trip out of Paris. But, so it goes….

      Having been there I still can’t understand how anyone thought that those soldiers could get through enemy lines at those beachheads. The sheer cliffs, the wide open beaches….insanity. Yet, how different things would be if they hadn’t been crazy enough to attempt.