Around the pond

A few shots from around my pond.  This is my little garden oasis, whether I’m working on the “weeding” of the algae or sitting nearby listening to the waterfall.










Unfortunately, the critter in photo #6 is the main suspect in the disappearance of several of the critters in photo #2.  On one hand, he is an uninvited inhabitant and I wish he would go away.   On the other, he may soon be the sole occupant so I’m wondering if I should name him.  Appropriate name suggestions welcomed in the comments section!

5 responses to “Around the pond


    This truly is an oasis! I love the mood and the wall! Lucky you Anne!

  2. Is that a snake? What kind is it? Even though it is eating your fish, he’s kinda cool. You could call him Kaa after the snake in Jungle Book. Love your pond!

    • Kaa is a great name! I wonder if I could train him to respect the fish and not eat them, even if that is his nature! According to friends of mine who are outdoors-type and camp often throughout Indiana, it is either a milk snake or a water snake. Based on photos I’ve seen on the web, he’s a Midland Water Snake. Both are non-venomous, though a water snake may bite if you provoke him. He usually swims away quickly, disappearing in the blink of an eye, if he hears you. I’m surprised I got as good of a shot as what I did as I was some distance from him (maybe about 15 feet).

      Hope your pond & garden are doing well. I’ve been away from the internet and blogs for awhile so I haven’t had time to stop by your blog to see if you’ve posted any updates.

      • It’s a relief that is a non-venomous snake so you can be comfortable having it as a guest.

        My poor little pond is in a sad state this week. A raccoon ripped apart all the plants in it Monday night and emptied the soil from the pots into the pond. The water is so muddy we have to drain it and refill it. I don’t even know if the fish are still alive!

        • Oh no! How disappointing. The racoon probably did get the fish, but maybe one or two are hiding in the murk. They will find a hiding place when there has been an attack & will be skittish for awhile. But racoons can be so destructive. Some people put motion activated sprinklers that act as scare crows to irritate the critters who come to prowl. We’ve never used one, but the sides of our pond were built very steep because we do have raccoons and fox in our woods. Raccoons don’t like to go into water that is very deep, so if they have to get more than their feet wet they will give up.