Glow: Take 2

Last Saturday, I posted a few photos of the King’s Day celebration in Amsterdam, but I could only post photos from my phone.

I thought that the fireworks/city skyline photo from my phone was pretty sucky.  (Yeah, that’s a technical term.)   Now that I’m home, I’ve been able to download photos taken with my camera.  As promised, a night shot of Amsterdam & the King’s Day fireworks:

King's Day, Fireworks, Amsterdam

King’s Day, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, April 26, 2014

In a few days, when my brain as caught up with my current time zone, I’ll post other pictures from my trip.




7 responses to “Glow: Take 2

  1. Love this image.

  2. This picture is most definitely NOT sucky – impressive combination of skyline and fireworks!

  3. This is a magnificent photo!! The fireworks are captured so well. You have been taking some great trips lately!

    • We’ve been spoiled! Wonderful trips in Oct, Jan, & April. Coincidence that all ended being so close together. Will have to work now to get out of the trip every 3 months mode as we will be staying much closer to home for awhile. 🙂