Travel Theme: Statues Take II

As I noted in my post on Friday, I thought of lots of options for Ailsa’s Travel Theme.   This one was the runner-up, so I thought I would post it today.

Stravinsky Fountain, Centre Pompidou, Paris

Stravinsky Fountain, Centre Pompidou, Paris

This is one of several sculptures in the Stravinsky Fountain in Paris.  Located adjacent to the Centre Pompidou, it is a colorful fountain containing the works of Jean Tinguely and Niki de Saint Phalle.   The first time I saw this about 14 years ago, I was surprised by the water in fountain.  I had expected it to be well cared for,  with clean, clear water and not moss-filled.  But, this is how the artists wanted the fountain.  You can read more about the sculpture here.  It’s a fun place to pause for a few moments on a stroll through Paris.



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