Linking up with Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday.  This week’s theme:  Color.

coquina, donax variabilis, shells

Tiny rainbows:  Donax variabilis, aka Coquina

Coquina (d. variabilis) are abundant on the beaches in Southwest Florida.  Although they are everywhere, I am always taken with the variety of colors and patterns in these little shells.  The bivalves are edible (these were just the shells of the little creatures), but I’ve heard that they are not very tasty!  They’re so tiny, I would never have the patience to shuck enough to make even a small appetizer.

This image was layered with one layer of Kim’s texture kk_0603 with Blend mode of Multiply at 15% opacity, masked off of the shells.  There was already plenty of texture in the wood (love that grain!), but the texture helped the tone a bit along the edges.


7 responses to “Coquina

  1. What wonders for you to find along the beach. They are gorgeous. Wonderful colors.

  2. Wow! These are just gorgeous, Anne!!

  3. The colors are amazing with a satin feel.

    • It’s funny, but when you see these on the beach, in large piles at the shoreline, it’s sometimes easy to overlook the colors. Especially on a sunny day, everything just seems to be a shade of white, easily blending in with the sand and not standing out for its color.

  4. beautiful fluid kind of colors

    • Thanks. I was surprised when I found the bright yellow one. Usually they are pale yellow, almost white. And, when I pulled them out of my jacket pocket after walking on the beach, the little bit of seaweed was a find. Don’t think I’ve ever found a green coquina shell, but that seaweed on a white shell allowed me to arrange, more or less, in the color spectrum/ROYGBIV order.