One small sign of Spring

Goldfinches live here year-round but when their feathers start to turn yellow, you know that Spring is coming soon.   On days like today — when it is snowing, even though it was 68F yesterday — the small patches of  yellow are a nice reminder that sunny days will slowly replace the winter greys.  Goldfinches

2 responses to “One small sign of Spring

  1. Yay for spring! It’s still going to be awhile for my area but we are happy to get up to 40 during the day. We have a lot of snow to melt before we can be anywhere near warm, but it’s melting. I love goldfinches. We get them in the summer, they love the sunflowers and purple cone flowers we grow in the garden.

  2. Spring is very welcome indeed! I did not know about the goldfinch’s feather’s turning yellow. That is a cheerful sign!