Foggy morning

It’s a foggy morning today. It’s sort of like being in a cold air sauna. Had fun playing around with a blah, foggy picture, using Distressed FX, PS Express, Pixlr Express and Snapseed.  I just played with the various apps until I decided to call it “done!”  Part of the fun is experimenting, even though it means that I can never recreate the exact same look.   There were just way too many steps, many of which obliterated previous effects.

Before image:



Inspiration came from reading Kat Sloma’s post on editing using various smartphone applications.

5 responses to “Foggy morning



  2. catchy indeed — very unique look… liken-it!

  3. This is so fantastic and exciting Anne! Using a variety of apps and actions always results in unusual and great looks. I find it quite fun to play with the tools and be surprised. Kat has great inspiration!

  4. Although you may not be able to repeat it, it is nicely rendered and really made the photo pop!

  5. Awesome! I love the dreaminess that resulted from your edit. It’s a nice shift from the original. I’m so glad you were inspired to play!!