My favorite time of day at the beach is after the sun has set and all of the sunset revelers have taken their drinks and their horns and their beach blankets and gone to wherever their evening is.   It is after most of the shorebirds have flown to their roosts.  It is after all the day-sailors have returned to port.  It is after all of the day’s laughter has dissipated, when only hints of whispers remain.  It is when only empty chairs populate the beach and the white sands have turned a steely blue-gray.  It is then that the last lights of day linger for a few minutes longer and give one last shout-out of color to the quiet that remains.

Quiet Sunset

Quiet Sunset

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  1. vastlycurious.com

    It’s my favorite time as well. I will sit until it’s dark.. Really wish I could at this moment !

  2. My favourite time of the day as well. Talacre Beach (where I photograph the lighthouse) gets busy in the summer but as the sun sets everyone walks away. Hardly anyone stays for the beautiful sunsets that occur most evenings especially in the autumn

    • Some people don’t know what they’re missing! We’ve come to the same beach, at the same time of the year, for several years. I don’t know when the rowdy, noisy, let’s-applaud-the-sunset crowd started their routine, but I’m always a bit glad when they leave as soon as the sun slips under the horizon, leaving the rest of the beach in quiet. 🙂