Tree Project XI & XII

While I’ve been better about taking the photos on time for my 2013 monthly project, I haven’t been prompt about posting the results here.   As I have done throughout 2013, I’ve taken a photograph at least once a month, usually at the beginning of the month, of the oak tree that towers over the hillside behind my house.   (You can see other posts featuring the monthly photos here.)

In early November, the tree was just beginning to turn:


Early November


Early November, Another view

By December 1, all but a few leaves were gone:


Bare Tree, December 1

A few days into December, we had our first real snow:


Early December Snow

The tree, quietly slumbering, is still magnificent against the winter skies:


At Sunset, A few nights ago


Winter Sunset, Silhouetted Trees

Winter Trees

Cold Winter Sky


6 responses to “Tree Project XI & XII


    Catching up finally Anne ! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Some of your posts are closed to comments but the photos are beautiful.

  2. I’ve loved your tree project! So many wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing them!

  3. Nice! I was taking photos of one of the oak trees by my house but haven’t taken any in a bit. I’ll have to catch it in winter…