The One In Which I Take Pictures of Santa, Children and … a Goat!

My sister organized a fund-raiser at her company offices over the weekend.  For a donation, —- the proceeds would go to a community service project — her colleagues brought their family members to have a photo taken with Santa.   I came on board as one of the photographers before I fully understood what the project was.   As people began to sign up for picture-taking, the definition of family broadened to mean more than children.

Santa goat

Santa goat

For the most part, the children were either overly excited to see Santa — cheesy smiles all around — or they were timid, unsure of the entire goings-on.  A big man in a funny red suit can be pretty intimidating when one is two years old!   The little dogs in the football jerseys were the most difficult subjects:  they weren’t having anything to do with sitting on Santa’s lap to recite their holiday wish lists.

And the goat?  He was the most docile of them all, happy with his hay.   The children thought he was pretty cool too.   Not exactly a household pet, he was skittish about walking into the building with its marbled entryway.    The goat’s ability to turn one eye towards the parking lot to see what other activity was happening was a bit freaky.   He was very interested in walking towards the building to see the reflection in the glass.   Maybe he was calm because he thought there were others of his kind in the area.  Later, after another photographer had begun the second shift, I heard that Santa went outside for a pose with him.

Decades ago I worked in a children’s photography studio, located inside a large department store.   I had forgotten just how difficult it was to take photos of children.  People who make it look easy are true pros!

It was a fun day.

6 responses to “The One In Which I Take Pictures of Santa, Children and … a Goat!

  1. What a fun day! And what a beautiful goat. He looks very well cared for.

  2. He certainly adds a festive touch and great for the kids so long as he doesn’t try the head butting trick! Lovely idea too.

  3. This sounds like a great fun day. I still can’t really understand what the goat came there for, but it certainly will make the day more memorable to all the participants.