Sunrise, Sunset

From photographs taken in Venice, September 2013


Sunrise over the Grand Canal


Boats, Venice Canal, near sunset



7 responses to “Sunrise, Sunset

  1. How did you edit the Photo of the Grand Canal ?

    • After making adjustments in Lightroom, using PS Elements (v8 — still — because I need to do some serious cleanup before I have room to install v11) I applied several of the “artistic” filters — paint daubs, watercolor, colored pencils, pointillism brush, etc., until I got the look that I liked. Added a texture so that the overall image had the “toothiness” feel of a canvas. I just glanced at my PSD file & there were about 15-20 layers, most of which I named something that I thought would help me remember what I did, but are a little confusing to me now. Before I started applying the filters, I added a significant blur to the image, which I think helped a lot. However, I did the same thing with the 2nd image and thought it was much less successful. I think I like the Grand Canal image better than the original photograph, but I like the original photo of the boats better than my “painted” image. I should post both, but right now, I have some pies to bake and some giblet broth to cook in prep for Thursday. 🙂 Can’t wait to get that big bird — thank goodness it isn’t Big Bird — out of my fridge.

      • Its interesting what can be done to achieve affects like that. It reminds me of the photos from very old issues of National Geographic!

        • I liked the picture, but it was really too dark to do a handheld shot, so it wasn’t as sharp as I like. I didn’t bring my tripod on vacation because of weight consideration, and while this was probably the only time I would have used it, I did miss it on the one early morning I had great light in Venice. So, playing around with effects like this was a way to rescue the shot. I was able to create something that I thought had the same feel as the place when I was shooting it, even if my original photo was less than successful. Directly opposite this (from the other side of the bridge, still overlooking the canal) is a cathedral that is seen as soon as one leaves the train station. For years, this particular place –though I didn’t know where it was — would pop up in dreams, randomly as things in dreams do. Sort of a “oh, look, now I’m somewhere with lots of water & churches with great big domes. How did I get here?” sort of a way. (yeah, don’t bother to analyze that one! Just some random bit floating around in the grey matter, not properly categorized and filed away.) About 10 years ago I returned to Venice, having not been there since I was a teen. As soon as I walked out of the train station, I started laughing, thinking “so that’s where that building is!” I took some photos of it this time, but they were rather ho-hum. Certainly nothing as vivid as the random place dream. And nothing like anything in Nat Geo! Some things you just can’t capture, I guess. 🙂

          • That frequent dream is interesting. I think it happens with a lot of people. The closest I had to something like that turned out to be a place in Scotland!

            I’m not sure why, but the old Nat Geo photos often have that dream like quality to them. The new style in the magazine is fine, but can be too precise sometimes, like a news magazine.

  2. Venice is such a beautiful city and so many photo opportunities. I like what you have done to the first image, as to the second one, those gentle ripples in the water bring this on out IMO

    • I loved the ripples & reflection on the canal. It was such a beautiful scene. It was on a small canal near the old ghetto & for a few minutes, there wasn’t another person around. I could have stayed there until the light faded. So much different than a few paces further on when I got to the Rialto — and realized that I had gone too far & was now officially “lost” — which is a perfect thing to do in Venice, except when one is suppose to be meeting friends for dinner & they haven’t yet bothered to take their mobiles out of airplane mode. 🙂