Back to the Future?

Saw this shop while waiting at a bus stop in Ravenna, Italy. They didn’t seem to have many customers.




8 responses to “Back to the Future?

  1. Ah memories. There used to be a little foto hut just down the street from my house when I was a kid. Drive-thru even!

  2. Can you believe I used to work in one… 😉


    How exotic!

    • It sure seems that way now. Talk about a type of business that nearly disappeared over night. I find it difficult to find camera stores too — much less places that only sell film. When we were on vacation in Florida a few years ago, I tried to find a camera store for a replacement part (I forget what I needed) and realized that there was not one specialty camera store less than 300 miles away. And, of course, all of the big box stores only sold new cameras. Unbelievable.

    • Like the last of its kind.