5 x 5 + 5 THAT WAS A BUST!

Well, nobody, apparently, is interested.   So much for that.   It was lots of fun for the first round and I thought that after having about 40 people interested last time, that I would have SOME takers this time.   Maybe I’ll try this at another time, but am discouraged now, so I doubt that I will.

Not even sure that there is anyone out there who bothers to read this.



16 responses to “5 x 5 + 5 THAT WAS A BUST!

  1. Ooh is it too late??? I’m completely interested. Such a great idea!

  2. I also enjoyed participating in the first round and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the work of the other four photographers. I can empathize with your frustration; I recently began doing Photoshop tutorials for the Ning group, Creative Souls, and have found participation minimal for the effort involved. I figure there is a plethora of information on the web; people often get overwhelmed with it all. I do thank you for making this available. As a participant, it was great fun!

  3. Well Anne I am up for it – I missed your original post – I cannot deny that by and large I am drawn by the images and often miss words apart from those I frequently engage with. I know I miss lots of posts but have accepted that I cant see everything and usually browse the reader every day and about once a week have a comments burst – I do enjoy the blogging and use it as a resource. I will finish my 30+ year career at the end of the year and expect to be far more engaged but I suppose – as with most folk – time is the limiting factor.

    Regards Scott

    • Scott, I haven’t given up — just postponed perhaps and would love to have you participate. I’ll contact you when I’m ready to try again. I think maybe I need to reach out to people, rather than have some sort of open call for participants. It worked once. Didn’t work the second time. Hard to tell which was the fluke occurrence. Congrats to you on your upcoming retirement and good luck for whatever comes next. I’m about 3 years out from my departure from my corporate career. Some days I think I have lots of time on my hands — but then I look at my calendar and realize that I’m as busy as ever — and loving most every minute of it!

  4. My blog has somewhere in the region of 1350 followers but I only have a few regularly comment. I started blogging because I wanted to show my photographs, seems silly to keep them on my hard drive. I do use Flickr, used to have lots of followers and was in lots of groups. I now have a second account that I use for hosting my blog images. I don’t follow anyone or participate in groups with that one. At the end of the year I will mothball the other account.

    In my local area there are a couple of other photographers and we all share common interests, HDR, the Snowdonia National Park and Churches. We try and get out together every other week or so and we keep in touch using FB (much as I hate it).

    Sounds a great idea to form a circle of photographers who might like to share ideas, techniques etc. both Google+ and FB are suited to this type of forum, G+ more so.

    • Your comment made me think about what my goals were and why I felt so discouraged by the lack of response. I haven’t really used Google+ much, though I have an account. It seemed to me, when I first joined, to be just another variant of Facebook or twitter that I just couldn’t muster up enough energy to explore it at length. Since then, I’ve viewed a few live demos on Google+ and found them interesting, but still haven’t ventured beyond that. As for FB, I am in a few groups, but generally find them overwhelming or not at all helpful — some down right belligerent if you don’t agree with the host and the “regulars”, which keeps me around for less than a nanosecond. Just can’t stand the negativity and bickering and general spirit of meanness; live is too short for that stuff! But, I think I do need to rethink what I might do & readjust goals for that. As well as considering exploring some other forums

  5. I didn’t say anything because you had so many last time. I didn’t want to bombard you with a ton of replies. I really did enjoy reading about the 5 you selected last time.

  6. I agree with Mike, it was great to take part in the first (and last?) round.

    • Thanks, Adrian. I’m glad that you participated. I wasn’t a follower of your blog, although I had visited your site a few times before you participated in my little experiment. Your work is great and I also found Legion of Door Whores, which I’ve yet to join, but have lots to contribute. In the meantime, I do enjoy viewing what others post.

  7. That really is a shame and I’m surprised that you didn’t have any takers. I really enjoyed participating last time round.

    • Thanks, Mike. I’m disappointed and a little unhappy that the post received several “likes” but no comments. Of course, I think that a lot of “likes” are meaningless and, like many of my recent followers on WordPress, are just trolls looking for hits and pingbacks. Really wish I could block Followers and Likers who only link to nonexistent or obviously spamming blogs Would rather have a few who read and occasionally comment then lots of junk. Increased traffic was not my goal – sharing insights from other photographers was – but I think I just don’t get enough legit traffic to have made this work. The first round did introduce me to some new photographers – not only those who were among the five I interviewed but also people who came to my blog because they followed yours or the others. For that I’m very happy and consider this a success. Perhaps after the first of the year I’ll reach out to some people and consider this or another way to better form a circle of photographers who are interested in sharing work & ideas with others. One of the things that I’m interested in is how people who shoot differently find common ground, though not necessarily (or only) at a technical level. For example people whose artistic product may be very different, but find themselves with similar points of vision or inspiration. I’d like to explore things like what one who considers himself a landscape photographer has in common with someone who considers herself a street photographer, or a portrait artist, etc.