Bench, Early Morning

Bench, Early Morning

For Ailsa’s weekly Travel Theme.   This week’s theme:  Brown.

Post your own photo with the theme of “Brown” and then post a link on Ailsa’s site.  Here are a few other participants’ interpretations of brown:

3 responses to “Brown

  1. Cool idea. I like your bench. I saw a high top chair with that same motif at the farmer’s market a few weeks ago, but I think it was more rusty. A farmer’s tractor chair or something and I wanted it.

  2. I love the peaceful mood of the photo – even with the road on the back it is so…serene.

    • It usually is a peaceful place. There used to be a road that had been abandoned, but they tore it out this summer to extend the trail. I’m hoping that it doesn’t become too crowded!