5 + 5 X 5 Lynne Ayres

I recently asked 5 photographers to share about their work by sharing 5 images and answering 5 questions.   Today, meet Lynne Ayres who blogs at Beyond The Brush and Beyond the Brush Photography.

About Lynne

Lynne’s latent interest in photography lay dormant for years until time and temperament finally came together in the digital age.  She found that with little effort on her part her trusty Sony Cybershot 4.1 mega pixel camera produced some excellent images.  Encouraged, Lynne began to approach photography the way she approached her painting – in shapes and contrasts and balance.  Lynne now uses a Nikon Coolpix L610 16 mega pixel – still an uncomplicated point-and-shoot – but considers each shot she takes with an eye to composition.  Her interest lies not only in what the camera and her eye will capture, but also in how it may be transformed in the post production.

All photographs in this post are the work of Lynne Ayres, Beyond The Brush Photography.

1.  How did you become interested in photography?   What has kept you interested in it?

Decades ago I thought about dabbling in photography but,  for various reasons, I didn’t pursue it.  Two years ago I started a blog I thought would be about my art, and a place to display it.  Somewhere I took a turn and it became about photos from some of my travels and then I found I was posting more about photos than my paintings.  That led to using what I learned through my art to produce better photographs.   I have always needed an artistic outlet and photography provides various avenues, from the taking through the processing, and that keeps my interest charged.

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2.  Describe your photography,  e.g., what do you like to shoot the best, how would you describe your style.  

I don’t know that I have a ‘style’ – in my paintings I gravitated to landscapes and this naturally formed the base and starting point for my photography.  Now it’s not so much the subject as the interesting shapes, forms, light and contrast that attract me.  I like to run my photos through various post production programs to see what gems may be hidden in them and often giving them a painterly feel as opposed to a photographic image, and sometimes transforming them into abstracts through digital processing.

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3.  Do you assign yourself photography projects?   

I consider myself an undisciplined amateur with a camera in my hand – I just haven’t approached my photography that way, but I think I will give that some thought.  I don’t know if it classifies as a project per se, but I am interested in capturing photos that tell a story in a single shot – what that story is, will be up to the viewer, but photos that open themselves to interpretation.

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4.  What do you know now about photography that you wish you knew when you started?  How would this be helpful to someone just learning about photography?  

Composition, composition, composition.  Photography, like all art, is about contrast and form, about trying to portray a three-dimensional world on a flat surface. My camera is not fancy, I don’t have various lenses but I have my eye and I look long at my view finder and move about before pressing the button.

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5.  What was the best piece of advice/information given to you as you were learning photography?  

I haven’t received any direct advice regarding how-to – I have been shutter-bugging on my own, without any instruction, but some have said I have a ‘good eye’ and that has encouraged me to go with my own flow – some turn out pretty awful and some turn out pretty fine … I have overheard, “What is she taking pictures of now?!” and I smile.

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More about Lynne:
You can follow Lynne at Beyond The Brush and Beyond the Brush Photography.

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