5 x 5 + 5 Sherre Hulbert

I recently asked 5 photographers to share about their work by sharing 5 images and answering 5 questions.   Today, meet photographer and mixed-media artist Sherre Hulbert who blogs at Sherre’s ArtZone.

All photographs in this post are the work of Sherre Hulbert and copyrighted Sherre Hulbert Photography.

About Sherre:

Sherre has always had a love for the creative arts. From sewing to quilting, painting to collage to gardening to photography, she has been actively creating her whole life (ask her about the paper dolls she and her sister spent hours designing clothes for!) She can’t imagine a life where creativity doesn’t play a major role. She loves to shoot flowers and landscapes, and is looking towards taking more portraits in the future. She uses a Nikon D5100 and loves her 50 mm 1.4f lens perhaps the most and also uses her iPhone to capture those unexpected photo opportunities when she doesn’t have her camera.

1.  How did you become interested in photography?   What has kept you interested in it?  

My love of photography began when I had my first child, Ami, 33 years ago. I bought a Minolta and thought it was the best, although it didn’t have lens-changing capabilities or anything that fancy. I would take photos mostly of my kids and my garden. Once the kids were out of the house and hubby and I started travelling a bit more, I began taking more pictures. I just bought my first “lens changing” digital Nikon last year , and have been taking online classes and lots of pictures to attempt to gain some semblance of mastery (which will take the rest of my life, I think).

I Am The Vine

I Am The Vine

2.  Describe your photography,  e.g., what do you like to shoot the best, how would you describe your style.

I have always loved taking floral photos in my garden. Love using my Macro lens out in the yard. I also love landscapes and especially sunsets — don’t ask how many sunset shots I have! Living near the California coast gives lots of opportunity for ocean sunsets. I am enjoying learning how to do dreamy textured photos from Kim Klassen, but tend to “take” shots rather than “make” shots. I also love a harder-edged grunge look and create a lot of digital montages using not only my own photos, but incorporating other images, elements and typography.

Love of Reading

Love of Reading

3.  Do you assign yourself photography projects?

A friend and fellow photographer Sherri Reed invited me to join a small Flickr group called “A click.” She is giving us assignments, I am doing my first this month. It gave me a fun new way to take a really twisty image; I probably would have just done that sort of thing in Photoshop before. And I am always working on digital art, either as montages or digitally painting some of my own photographs. I am fortunate to be at home, so can usually spend a few hours each day either working on my photographs in Lightroom and/or Photoshop, or taking online photography and photo-editing classes. I have co-taught online digital montage classes in the past, which was a lot of creating and designing projects.

Sausalito Harbor

Sausalito Harbor

4.  What do you know now about photography that you wish you knew when you started?  How would this be helpful to someone just learning about photography?

Although money was tighter when my children were young, I wish I had always had a camera body that had interchangeable lenses. I am loving having a camera like this!

St Francis and Wisteria Pod

St Francis and Wisteria Pod

5.  What was the best piece of advice/information give to you as you were learning photography?  

Practice, practice, practice… take online classes where possible; at least look up freebie tutorials. Study art design principles; you can use the principles of composition, perspective, values, line, etc. in your photography. I am also a painter and mixed media artist which I think helps me in composing my shots (at least I hope so!).

Tulip Tree

Tulip Tree

More about Sherre   

You can follow Sherre at SherresArt Zone, SonomaCountySnapshots, on Facebook, or Flickr.

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