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I spent some time today playing with watercolor pencils in order to create some textures.   I colored a few pieces of paper, scribbled a few scratches, and then blended the colors with water.  Once they were dry, I scanned the paper and edited in PS Elements to create overlays. Wanting to experiment with how they might look on a photograph, I decided  to use a photograph of a coneflower that I took last summer.   Once I placed the textures on the photograph, I realized that it probably wasn’t the best choice of images:  the background was too dark for the textures and parts of the flower were too soft and blurry, blending into the background.   I just didn’t like how they looked with the textures.   Then, I decided to use the “sketch effect” which I have used previously. (See how-to here.)   While I’m not completely satisfied with how the petals of the flowers turned out, I do like the background which was a combination of the five different textures.   Here is a sample of the textures I created:



Upper right and two bottom textures are what I painted.  The dimensional effect in the one (upper right) was created by using very thin notepaper.  When water was added to the paper, the paper began to fray.  The texture in the upper left corner is a combination of the originals used for the bottom two, scanned and then manipulated in Elements.  The texture in the center was created from these four images.   All five textures were used in the final image up top.

The two red textures are a bit dark but I can see using any of these textures with photos in the future, although I think that the yellow and the one in the middle are probably the most versatile and can easily be used without overpowering an image.  This experiment in texture creation was this week’s lesson in Kim Klassen’s Beyond Beyond course.   I’m also linking up with Kim’s Texture Tuesday….because these are textures…and it’s Tuesday.

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  1. Wow- I love your process and the beautiful result! I need to go catch up on my Beyond Beyond lessons- I just love what you did here!

  2. Hey! Love when I find a fellow blogger with similar interests! I’ve seen your posts before through some of the challenges, and now found you through Kim Klassen’s Texture Tuesday, too! Lovely textures you created!

  3. how fun! what a great idea to play around with. love the transformation of your pretty coneflower.

  4. Very nice! Makes me want to get out my watercolors!

  5. I like your textures, it looks very different.

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  7. Fantastic work on your own textures!! That is really using creative art and much patience! They look great blended together.

  8. I love the watercolor feel and looks like you had so much fun in creating all of these. So nicely done

  9. your water color textures are nice – your processing turned out pretty cool too!

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    Anne-Camille runs a blog named “Four Dear Oak”. Yesterday she wrote about her use of my “Sketch Effect” that you can find on the tutorials page. Here is a “reblog” of her post.

  11. I love the picture. Thank you for detailing how you did it – very interesting. I don’t do these things myself but I always like to know how they are done.

  12. Looks amazing….your textures all look fantastic. Great work.

  13. So lovely. I feel inspired to get my water colour pencils out. I love your cone flower painting.