Gerbera Daisy

A few weeks ago, macro photographer extraordinaire, Mike Moats, started a new Facebook group titled “Let’s See Your Best Shot“.  This forum works like many other weekly challenges throughout the internet:  each week there is a subject listed and members of the group post a shot that fits the category.  Unlike many other forums and challenges where the subject is a generic idea like “fun” or “big“, so far the topics in this group have been very specific.   Last week’s topic was “Dragonfly“.   Who knew that there were so many species?   Next week’s topic is “Car Headlights“.

And this week’s topic?   Gerbera Daisy.  These are such wonderful flowers to shoot.  Each bloom seems infused with its own personality.  They bend and arc gracefully.   Some petals twist and turn.  There isn’t an angle that doesn’t provide an interesting opportunities for photographs.

Gerbera Daisy, Wasp:  August Afternoon

Gerbera Daisy, Wasp: August Afternoon

I figured I would find something in my archives, but as I was making a mad dash through Lowes this afternoon, intent on only picking up the one small item I needed, I saw Gerberas on sale.   The plants practically jumped out into the aisle and into my shopping cart.   As soon as I finished my errands for the day, I grabbed my camera and lost myself in shooting this interesting bloom.  As I started to shoot, this nectar-thirsty stinging creature found a perfect resting place.  I think he was enjoying the flower as much as I.

What about you?  What’s your best shot of a Gerbera Daisy?  If you’re on Facebook, consider joining the group.

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  1. what a lovely shot – willl go and have a look at the page