The Forest Primeval (Travel Theme: Wild and Tree Project VIII)

I’ve joked that I live in the Forest Primeval.   That isn’t true:  it’s just a little spot of forested land, a ravine overlooking a mostly flat landscape of typical suburban homes.  We’re lucky that we have this little oasis in the middle of a city, close to downtown, close to shopping areas, close to most anything we could want, except the airport, but that is only an issue when running late to catch a flight.

When we were house-hunting, we thought the lack of a yard to mow was a wonderful bonus.  I still do not miss owning a lawn mower.   Our “yard” can be rather wild, though; a wooded lot is anything but maintenance-free. This year the pignut hickories have been bombarding the driveway, creating a crunchy blanket that needs to be swept regularly.  Those that bounce off the drive frequently end up in the pond.   I fish about 3-4 dozen out of the pond every day.   Pignuts are one of the few hickories that grow in Indiana that aren’t pleasant to eat.  Too bad!  I could have collected enough to make pies and nut breads for weeks.

As I’ve written previously, there is a big old oak — the eponymous oak of this blog — that sits on a rise behind the house.  A red oak, it may be the tallest tree in the neighborhood and in the fall, its rufous crown can be seen nearly a mile away.  It isn’t easy to get to the top of the rise where this tree sits.  The hillside is steep and no paths have been maintained.  There has been a rampant growth of  honeysuckle in the past few years which seems to have been aided by last year’s drought.  Smaller trees struggle to grow, but, likely crowded out by the Big Oak, many grow spindly and frequently fall during storms.

I’ve been photographing this tree since we moved here many years ago, but this year I’m making an effort to shoot it at the beginning of each month.   Since it is the beginning of the month, I decided that I would cut a swath through the debris (or at least step over and through the wild honeysuckle) and take some shots up near the base of the tree.  Since Ailsa’s theme this week is WILD, these images are doing double-duty:  Ailsa’s weekly challenge, and my monthly tree project.

From the bottom of the hill, about 50 feet away.

From the bottom of the hill, about 50 feet away.

Looking up from the base of the tree.

Looking up from the base of the tree.

Perspective:  Size 6 shoe at the base of the tree.

Scale: Size 6 shoe at the base of the tree.

One of these days, I should measure the circumference of the tree.

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  2. That is a wonderfully large tree!

  3. breathtaking! Your backyard sounds like our dream backyard!

  4. That’s a pretty fantastic tree.

  5. look bark shots… so much texture