Travel Theme: Sweet (Sweet Treats, Sweet Flowers, Sweet Memories)

It is almost time for a new travel theme, but here is my contribution to last Friday’s Travel Theme, hosted by Where’s My Backpack. The theme is sweet and this is probably the sweetest things that I’ve tasted in the past week:

Lemon-Blueberry Cake

No quite Lemon-Blueberry Cake, With Peaches

For the Lemon-Berry Cake, I used a wonderful recipe I found at The Ranting Chef.   I hate it when someone says “This recipe is the best!” but then states that they didn’t follow the recipe exactly.   BUT….

This recipe is delicious, possibly the best, easiest, sweet summer treat that I’ve come across in a long time.  BUT, I didn’t follow the recipe exactly.  I had every intention of following the recipe, but when I grabbed the blueberries out of the fridge — after I had already started the batter — I noticed that they were looking a bit too sad to use.  I didn’t want to look too closely at them because I hate finding food adorned with fuzzy growing stuff.  Into the trash can the berries went.  A chimney sweep was cleaning the fireplaces (really!  who does that in July? Probably nobody except bargain-hunters with fireplaces.) so I couldn’t dash off to the grocery for more blueberries.   Next best option:  use the blackberries in the fridge.   They were so delicious and sweet and they worked great as a substitute.   I think the blueberries, generally sweeter than blackberries, would give more of a contrast between sweet and tart, but this cake definitely rocks.  As for those peaches?   Well most of that bunch was gobbled up a few days ago.   They were sweet, juicy, delicious; a perfect summer peach.

But, sweet doesn’t always have to mean something edible.   I think this image is sweet too:

Roadside Flowers, Old Pitcher

Roadside Bouquet, Old Pitcher

I might have broken some city ordinances when I pulled my car into the greenway parking lot the other day with every intention of grabbing these flowers.   There are many disagreeable things about Indiana in the middle of the summer.  Think: hot, humid, lots of mosquitoes and bees.  But, the wildflowers along the side of the road cannot be added to that list.

I love the look of the orange daylilies, the white Queen Anne’s Lace, and the blue cornflowers that seem to pop up overnight by any roadside.  They add beautiful touches of color to the parched  fields.  The daylilies and the cornflowers wither too quickly for cut flower arrangements, but the Queen Anne’s Lace blends  beautifully with the vibrant yellows of coneflower, tickseed, fleabane, and swamp sunflower.  The pinks and lavenders of coneflower, buttonweed, Indian Blanket and blazing stars are dazzling complements.

The wildflowers look wonderful in this old aluminum pitcher that I found while cleaning out my mother’s garage recently.   She used  this pitcher all the time when I was a child.  The aluminum pitcher was perfect for lemonade or just plain ice-cold water.   On any hot summer day, the sweat from the cold beverage that would form on the pitcher added to the quenchability of the drink.

Here is another photo that says sweet but not because of sweet champagne.  If I know my mother’s taste in champagne, I can guarantee that what was in that glass was NOT dry.  Although it looks like she might be about to baptize me in liquor, I’m pretty sure that was not the case, although the comments on the back of the photograph indicated it was taken at my baptism.

Still, I think this picture (found during the same cleaning expedition that unearthed the pitcher) is sweet.   Though there were many times growing up when I didn’t think that my older sis was all sugar, I think this photo of us is adorably sweet.  The photo was in horrible shape — aged, torn, speckled — but it was worth the hours it took me to clean it up in Photoshop.  And can you believe that my Mama was wearing a stylish LBD and a strand of elegant pearls just two weeks after giving birth?   I don’t think that the Duchess of Cambridge has anything on my mother in the “looks great postpartum” category.

Long Ago

Long Ago

Some other interpretations of Ailsa’s Theme – Sweet:

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    Your blog is SWEET ! Nice to see you here ! Missed you!

  2. Oooh, that cake looks delicious!

  3. I love the story about the photograph! It does look like she’s going to baptize you in champagne. And that’s a wonderful phrase!