Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

A masterpiece of nature:

A masterpiece -- and masterfully peaceful

A masterpiece — and masterfully peaceful

I love how a lotus flower in bloom seems to have an inner light shining.   It is truly a wondrous piece of work by Mother Nature.

See how others have interpreted this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge here.    Below are just a few examples:

22 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

  1. Lotus flowers are magical. I wish I had more access to them. Your image is superb.

    • They are magical! This is the first time that I’ve had one in my pond — it was a real splurge and 2 of the three blooms blew away in a storm within an hour after I got it home. I doubt that it will bloom again this season, but I hope that it over-winters well (in my basement, not my pond– we’re too northern for it to survive outside) and I have lots of blooms next year.

  2. Just a beautiful photo, I love it.

  3. You did a wonderful job of capturing the beauty of this lotus. It took my breath away.

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  6. Absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Peace and light seem to radiate from this flower, you captured its beauty perfectly.

  8. this is very beautiful. keep up!

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  10. Beautiful! It really does seem to have an inner light. Amazing photo!

    • It must be the contrast between the pure white and the pink that creates that light. It seemed to glow from the moment it bloomed until it started dropping the petals.

  11. This is lovely!!
    Where do you get these challenges? Look like they would b fun to participate in!

    • Hi Sherre. This is part of the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. You can find them at The Daily Post (http://dailypost.wordpress.com/) every week, usually posted around noon Eastern. I also like participating in Ailsa’s weekly challenge at http://www.wheresmybackpack.com. I should have a post up soon for the challenge she posted last Friday. These are just two of many out there. I bet there is one for every day of the week somewhere in the internet universe. I made a commitment last year to doing one every Friday. It was a great challenge and really helped my photography too as I forced myself to get out there and shoot something.