Stairway to the 4th Floor

Stairway to the 4th Floor

Stairway to the 4th Floor

I can’t hear, say or write the phrase “stairway to” anywhere without an earworm:

“There are two paths you can go by, but in the long run/There’s still time to change the road you’re on.”


“As we wind on down the road/our shadows taller than our souls”

If you are not of a certain age, you may need to listen very hard before the tune comes to you.

It isn’t a song I ever liked very much, but I can’t help but sing along when I hear it.   Regardless, I like the image anyway.  And it is a stairway.

Taken at the Indianapolis Museum of Art with an iPhone5, edited in Lightroom4.

3 responses to “Stairway to the 4th Floor

  1. Yeah, I always get that song in my head whenever I hear the word ‘staircase’. Annoying. My inner geek notes that the amped up version on How The West Was Won is worth revisiting, however).

    Love the picture!

  2. Love the photo. btw, I love the song. In my mind, it tells of the journey of the soul as it finds its way back to Heaven.

  3. NIce photo – I agree the song is overrated – but it is hard to get out of your head.

    Thanks for sharing.