Travel Theme: Simplicity

I didn’t travel far for this week’s travel theme, hosted each week by Ailsa.   Nor did I have to click my heels together three times to find simplicity in my own backyard.

Simplicity: Lotus Bud

Simplicity: Lotus Bud

Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they neither toil nor spin”.

But flowers aren’t really that simple are they?   Look closely to see nature’s complexities.   Those small white dots are small spider eggs – a portrait of nature’s glory: interdependent, simple, beautiful.

Below is a different edit of the same photo because I couldn’t leave well enough alone.  Tomorrow perhaps the lotus will bloom and I can observe again the simple and the complex in the bloom of a flower.

Lotus Sketch

Lotus Sketch

Have a photograph that represents Simplicity?  Join the fun:  post it and link to Ailsa’s blog, Where’s My Backpack.  Here are links to just a few who are participating this week:

12 responses to “Travel Theme: Simplicity

  1. Your backyard flowers are so beautiful and I love that couldn’t leave “well enough alone” and made a new version! A very beautiful post about creation!

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  3. Beautiful in its simplicity. 🙂

  4. The sketch version is simply beautiful!

  5. I love the photo Anne but the sketch…OMG…amazing

  6. Beautiful images, like the sketch version. 🙂

  7. Beautiful! I love the edit.

  8. The complexity of flowers reminds me of just how marvelous is our created world!

  9. Love your ‘sketch’ of the lotusbud!

  10. BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS! i LOVE THEM BOTH! Love the scriptural quote as a reminder. Thanks for the pingback.


  11. Both pics are lovely. IMHO simplicity is as much a state of mind of the observer as in the thing observed. Your post illustrates this.

  12. Beautiful before and after the edit 🙂