Weekly Travel Theme: Ripples

Ailsa’s theme last Friday (I’m getting this in just in time before the NEXT theme is announced tomorrow – whew!) was RIPPLES.

I immediately thought of this picture, taken on a Florida beach many months ago and likely posted here previously:


As I was looking for the above photo, I found a few others that fit the theme as well:




I love watching water ripple. I had to stop before I displayed a large portion of my photo catalog in this post!

Well, OK. One more:


2 responses to “Weekly Travel Theme: Ripples

  1. Love that theme… Ripples. 😉 As you know, I’m a keen observer of ripples, always trying to shoot the ideal pic for my header. Your photos here are interesting. Is that a Heron?

  2. mine sneaked in even after the new one was announced. 😀